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Sep 3, 2009 09:51 AM

Steak in the Clear Lake area

Hubby is wanting a steak dinner this week-end. Can anyone suggest a good place for steak in the Clear Lake area?

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  1. There are 2 places out that way I have wanted to try for steak - Bailey's and Killens. But that is so far away from our side of town :-( I have heard great things about both, so if you go report back.

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    1. re: danhole

      Killens is great! It is in Pearland though. My husband still says the best steak he ever had in our area was at Pappa's Steak House in Houston

    2. Perry's might work for you.. Great pork chops too! Its been a while,, Bay Area Blvd. I believe.. Enjoy,, wherever u wind up!

      1. Ok cuz, I would seriously consider staying home and do a surf and turf. HEB, not sure about the Dickinson one, has prime strips for 9.99, prime ribeyes 12.99, lobster 5.99(I just finished feeding on two), Gulf shrimp 5.99, and crabcakes, that taste suspiciously like the ones at Louisiana Foods, a good thing, 4.99 each. With all the money you save you could treat me to Red Snapper Inn the next time I run in to you.

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          Thanks Cuz - already went to Rose's Seafood in Seabrook for the surf. We'll check out the turf at HEB. Dinner on me at the Red Snapper.

        2. I know this is late but it may be helpful in the future. When my husband feels like going out for steaks in Clear Lake he likes the one at Perry's Italian. It's a sirloin or strip served with gorganzola cheese. We have been to Killens but they don't cook with seasoning, perferring to let the steak be the star, which my husband doesn't care for. He has not tried the steaks at Bailey.

          1. Killens has the best steaks in the "clear lake area" yes it's in Pearland but worth the drive. Yes, the meat is the star, your only option is a crab topping with butter.

            If you need anything else besides salt and pepper - you might as well do cheap meat. Killens has prime and tx style kobe.

            A close second would be Perry's steak house. Really depends on how you like your steak cooked. Killens has a better char, but Perry's adds just a touch of butter.