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Sep 3, 2009 09:44 AM

best coffee in Geneva and Zurich?

I will be in Switzerland next week... if anyone knows where I can find excellent coffee in Geneva or Zurich, please let me know.

Can one get a flat white coffee anywhere in either city?

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  1. Compared to North America, the coffee is generally decent to good at most places here in Geneva. Flat white coffee is an easy score. I like having a coffee at Globus on Place du Molard. It's a good spot to people watch, plus they serve their coffee with a chocolate truffle.

    1. Unfortunately, I found the coffee in Switzerland to be terrible. Generally the coffee machines used are the type that create the coffee drink instantly- including the milk. This is even the case in the more celebrated cafes eg the attached photo shows a cappuccino from Konditorei Cafe Schober. Admittedly the photo does not show that the coffee is not very nice.

      I am happy to be rudely contradicted on this issue- after all I would like to know where to get good coffee in Switzerland.

      I can second an earlier post on Geneva dining- the pizza at Espresso Club, 25 rue des Paquis is very good.

      I had a vegetarian club sandwich at Mont Cervin Palace Hotel in Zermatt which was exceptionally good [photo attached].

      The savoury pastries and chocolates at Sprungli in Zurich are very nice indeed

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        too late for me... but I have found out about a cafe in Geneva that I would have liked to have visited- may be of value to someone looking at this thread

        Boreal Coffee Shop, rue du Stand, 60