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Dec 9, 2004 02:30 AM

Cheap but good eats in Fullerton??

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I just moved to Fullerton and don't know much about the area. I'm on a tight budget and would love it if anyone can recommend a good place under $10 a person in the area (or 10-15 miles radius). Breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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  1. Hi H!! welcome to the board!

    Here are some places in Fullerton..

    -Kim Loan - pho ;) (it's close, but probably better going to little saigon instead)
    -Seafood Grill - clam chowder and fish & chips
    -Stubricks - beef stroganoff

    These are probably not the cheapest, but good
    -The Cat & the Custard Cup - cute restaurant for romantic dinners
    -Napa Rose

    Maybe other people can chime in about these places. I'm curious what others think about them.

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      I love Kim Loan, so I second that rec. Try their BBQ Pork Rice dish. Their pho is good, but can be a little too sweet sometimes. I usually share one bowl with my friends, so it is just right.

    2. Maybe some of the other chowhounds can help me with the name, but I remember something like "Hungry Bear" or something with "bear" in the same that had excellent food. Mostly steaks, but everything was very good. help, please??

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        Hungry Bear is on Harbor just north of Bastanchury,
        in the same shopping center as Long's Drugs (? - I think its still Long's).

        Good place for steaks, but gets *crowded*.......


        1. re: Just Cid

          The times I have been to the Hungry Bear, I have not been impressed. Am I missing something?

          (It is in the Long's shopping center)

          (The sandwich place next door does a pretty good egg salad sandwich, etc.)

      2. Fullerton is actually a great location for cheap eats, IMO. You're only a few minutes from Zankou Chicken in Anaheim, the La Palma Chicken Pie Shop also in Anaheim, Thai Nakorn in Buena Park, Renu Nakorn in Norwalk and a spate of authentic Indian places in Artesia.

        There's a ton of inexpensive vietnamese food in Westminster, and there's a branch of Lee's Sandwiches very close to you, on Harbor I believe.

        This site is helpful for addresses:


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        1. re: Mongo

          Lee's Sandwiches is a great option for cheap food. It's in the Costco parking lot on Harbor. The sandwiches are super cheap -about $2 or $3 for a good size sandwich. They have banh mi- vietnamese style as well as european style. The BBQ pork is good and the asian veggie sandwich is excellent. I'm addicted. They also have some really interesting drinks, super strong vietnamese coffee and the also sell ice cream. You can also buy the fresh french bread to take home. For the price, it can't be beat.


        2. Original Pancake House - Anaheim on Lincoln - BEST, and I mean BEST pancakes in OC. Very cheap. VERY crowded on weekends.

          1. Also, just down the street on Harbor at the Fullerton/La Habra border (the Best Buy across the street is in Fullerton) is Great Wall Mongolian BBQ. I've written a review but I can't find it. It's very cheap but very good-- $6 or $7 for lunch or dinner. They have huge bowls you fill with beef, chicken or pork, pile on the veggies, noodles and seasoning. They cook it on a huge BBQ and they serve it with soup (that tastes better with an addition of the white pepper on the table), and rice and an appetizer. I go there when I'm sick and pile on loads of garlic and ginger and drink the hot tea. It does the trick every time. I swear I get better faster. My hubby and I usually get out of there for about $15 for the both of us. Make sure you go to the Mongolian BBQ that is right by Target. The one across the street isn't as good.

            Great Wall Mongolian Bbq
            Address: 1261 S Harbor Blvd # A, La Habra, CA 90631
            Phone: (714) 680-3569