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Sep 3, 2009 09:16 AM

lago di como to aosta area

we will be touring through this area next week, from Como to Annecy, France ....stopping in Aosta for a night. Any ideas on restaurants around Aosta? (Lunch, Dinner)

I was there 19 years ago, skiing, and not too impressed with the findings, but I'm hoping it's gotten better. Any places within an hour or two drive...thank you for your help

btw, we are in southern Germany now (Freiburg), across the border from Alsace..any recs from recent visits?

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  1. In Aosta, I suggest you TRATTORIA DEGLI ARTISTI, in the center of Aosta.
    Do not miss their antipasti.
    As first course, very good is risotto con lardo.
    Second course, if you like meat: tagliata degli artisti.


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