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Sep 3, 2009 09:09 AM

Car trippin to Atlantic Canada in October-need dining & regional specialty recommendations

Hello, I'm traveling from Windsor Ontario thru US North Atlantic to the following Canada cities. Please let me know your recommedations for dining, food specials, bakeries, breakfast joints, etc. Oh, we love seafood so that would be our main focus for the trip.
St. Johns, Digby, Halifax, Westville, Cabot Trail, Charlottetown, Confederation Trail, Moncton, Fredricton & Grand Falls

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  1. I assume that you are traveling to "Saint John", New Brunswick, as opposed to "St. Johns", Newfoundland.

    If so, you are probably crossing from Maine into New Brunswick at Calais (pronounced "Cal-is"). If this is the case, you are driving within 20 minutes of the Rossmount Inn, in St. Andrew's.

    St. Andrew's is one of the nicest places to visit in NB, and the Rossmount is, bar none, the best restaurant in the province. The owners are from away, but they use local products obsessively.

    The seafood there is amazing - I've been blown-away by both a haddock dish 9lemon butter) and a cod dish, and another respected poster on this board ( I think Troutpoint) has raved above the halibut tartare.

    If you were planning on staying in SJ, cancel your hotel and book a night at the Rossmount. They have great packages that include dinner, breakfast and accommodations. Even the breakfast Musli (sp?) is amazing. You could also stay at the Fairmont Algonquin in St. Andrew's, but make sure you eat at the Rossmount.

    I know it sounds like I'm shilling for them, but I'm really not.

    Happy travels in the 'Times!

    1. I agree that you should eat at the Rossmount. I haven't eaten anything there that wasn't wonderful. And they are a "dog friendly" inn too.
      In Charlottetown Lot 30 is wonderful. So is the Merchantman, the Pilot house and the Dunes. The fish and chips at Flex Mussels was great (I liked the halibut better than the haddock, but that's just me) but I am not sure when they close for the season.
      And for a great, but casual, lobster go to the Water Prince Corner shop.
      In Fredericton, hmmmm, the Blue Door?
      In Moncton, Little Louis.
      Safe travels!

      1. When you make it to Cape Breton island, actually right before you get to Cape Breton island, about 1KM before the Canso Causeway, you may want to stop at Pettipas Market simply for the expererience. (good luck not leaving with lobster boxer-shorts, Mr Pettipas is a good salesman) Once your travelling along the Cabot Trail you'll want to stop at the Yellow Cello in Baddeck. And if you take the route through Inverness, you'll want to hit the Tom Cat Bistro, and going through Mabou you'll want to eat at the Mull. Other than that once you're on the cabot trail most of the seafood is fresh and delicious, there aren't many bad spots for seafood up here.

        1. Charlottetown... I love The Pilot House (such good fish and chips..., amongst other things), and Sims (oysters, steak... and a really nice wine list)

          Halifax... FID is amazing for high end... and The Five Fisherman has a wicked unlimited mussel bar...