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Sep 3, 2009 07:49 AM

Where to buy fresh roasted coffee beans in NW burbs?

Anyone know of a good source for fresh roasted beans in the NW burbs? I can't seem to find any local coffee shops that roast their own. I did find Whole Foods in Deerfield, and I'm going to give them a try. Any other ideas? I'm in the Lake Zurich area.

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  1. Newport Coffee House in Bannockburn in the shopping center located on the south east corner of Waukegan and 22. They roast their own beans and have an excellent coffee shop. And I see that you already discovered Whole Foods.

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    1. If your up for a trip to the suburbs Cafe Maria out of Addison also offers green beans. If you are going to show up in person please call Hans to have him set aside an order and then arrange pick up. I enjoy the Antigua Guatemala (Central American) and Malawi AA green (African)
      Coffeemaria Inc.
      Address 406 Belden
      Addison IL 60101
      Phone 1-800-836-0519
      Fax 1-630-289-5820