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Sep 3, 2009 07:26 AM

Gluten free meals in Boston w/a kiddo

I know the gluten-free topic has been covered a fair bit here, but none of the older suggestions quite fit my needs. So, I'm hoping someone may have a tip or two for me.

My eight year-old son and I are coming up to Boston this coming weekend and I am gluten-free. Max is not, but he IS a fairly typical picky eater. That means Elephant Walk and all the other amazing looking Asian fare is out, as are all the higher end places where he'd be the only child and probably getting odd looks. We're staying at the Radisson on Stuart Street near Boston Common and I'd prefer to not stray outside Boston itself since we've got a busy schedule.

I accept that our dinner may have to consist of take-out sushi for me and fast food for him probably eaten in our hotel room, but I'd love to sit down to dinner together somewhere, since this trip is for my birthday! Does anyone have any tips here?

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  1. legal seafoods has its critics here, but they do gluten free and are kid-friendly and is a stone's throw from your hotel.