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Sep 3, 2009 07:04 AM

Any good restaurants to take client near 33rd and 5th for lunch?

I need to take a client and some coworkers (8 ppl) out next week for lunch. I was looking for some suggestions for anywhere that's walking distance (5-6 blocks) from 33rd and 5th. nothing too crazy in price. i've looked on some of the older posts but couldn't really find what i was looking for. thought about wolfgangs and keens but looking for something other than a steakhouse. no ktown suggestions please.

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      1. I work in ESB and take clients/colleagues to ilili. Creative Lebanese. Well priced prix fixe.

        1. A bit farther, but Sakagura on 43rd and 3rd is fantastic Japanese.

          1. The sit down restaurant in Macy's Cellar--Cellar Grill--is not bad and is certainly in the vicinity. It's relatively casual and not too expensive... not sure if this is the vibe you're going for but might be worth a look.

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              Our clients always love Keen's at 36th & 6th,