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Sep 3, 2009 07:01 AM

First Time in Paris

First off, many thanks to all of you who regularly contribute to this board - I honestly would have had no clue where to begin were it not for you.

I will be in Paris for the first time for 5 days in early October. So far we have 2 lunches planned: Guy Savoy and La Table de Joel Robuchon. I am trying to plan four other dinners out of the following list(thanks to your help):

Cafe Constant
La Regalade
La Bigarrade
Chez L'Ami Jean
Josephine Chez Dumont
Le Chatteubriand
Au Gourmand
La Rotisserie du Beaujolais

I realize that it will generally come down to personal preference, but a few questions:

1) Anything I should absolutely add to/kick off the list
2) I get the sense that a number of these places may be fairly similar (e.g. Chez L'Ami Jean, La Regalade, La Bigarrade, etc). In order to have some variety, are any of these places similar enough that I wouldn't want to do both?
3) Am I correct in thinking that dinner at these places would tend to hover around 50e?

Thank you so much for the help. Take care.

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  1. Those places are all good and not similar. CAJ and Régalade are, both typical bistronomiques. But Bigarrade and Chateaubriand are creative young chefs, very different types of cooking. And La Rotisserie du B or Joséphine are very traditional and generous, which is still pretty different.

    My shoice of four would be
    - One bistronomique (CAJ or Régalade or Gourmand)
    - One traditional (Joséphine is the best)
    - One innovator (Chateaubriand is the best imo)
    - One wine place (Fish)

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    1. re: souphie

      Thanks Soup - very helpful (as always). Am I correct in thinking these are all kind of in the same ballpark price-wise?

      1. re: lnedrive14

        Yes, though Joséphine is twice as much as Fish. It has unique old Sauternes at ridiculous prices, though.

    2. Cafe Constant is a fine, upscale cafe, but that's all. If you are staying nearby, as we usually do, it is a good spot if you want a light meal or just a place to hang out. Substitute with Le Clos des Gourmets or one of the other Bib Gourmands in the 7th..

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      1. re: Oakglen

        I agree with your assessment, but at the same time, Café Constant is precisely the only simple if upscale, café, in the OP's list, while the other stars of the neighbourhood are similar to those already on the list.

        1. re: Oakglen

          Oakglen Clos des Gourmets was a favorite on this board a couple of years ago if I recall and seems to have dropped out of mention for the most part. We have never been and planned to reserve on our return this January. Opinions????

          1. re: capeanne

            I don't consider these as major negatives: they try for multiple seatings in the evening, so if you dine early, you could feel rushed. Also, while the prix-fixe menus are quite reasonable, there are hefty supplements for some of their best dishes, almost always the ones we want.

            1. re: Oakglen

              many thanks we will give it a try for a late seating....

              1. re: Oakglen

                That's true with most bistronomiques -- getting their best is more expensive than the 30 something menu carte.

                Le Clos des Gourmets is very good indeed. Just don't go there if you want to meet young people.

                1. re: souphie

                  Ah we are not young people ...those were the days ( poor but with youth ) !!!!