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Sep 3, 2009 06:53 AM

Bill Fujimoto is back in the game

This reported in the sfgate today:

Bill's return: It's been a couple of months since produce expert Bill Fujimoto parted ways with his family business, Monterey Market in Berkeley (1550 Hopkins St.). But Berkeley's loss is Lafayette's gain - Fujimoto is consulting with Diablo Foods (3615 Mount Diablo Blvd.) to strengthen the market's produce section.

Fujimoto says he's looking to make the selection more seasonal. "I'm just trying to celebrate what's going on outside," he says. "It's been very satisfying for me."

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  1. I'm not sure when he started working with DF, but I have to say I stopped by Sunday to do a little shopping and was pleasantly surprised to find produce labeled with the farm name and location at pretty reasonable prices. The Full Belly Farm heirlooms were a nice surprise, and the organic section was bigger than many neighborhood markets.
    Good to know, thanks for mentioning this.

    1. Since CH's places linking is not working, here is the info for Diablo Foods (yelp link below as well):

      Diablo Foods
      3615 Mt Diablo Blvd
      Lafayette, CA 94549
      (925) 283-0737

      1. I am SO happy - Full Belly Farm heirloom tomatoes, dry farmed tomatoes in 2 sizes, at least 6 different kind of peaches, all delicious.

        Bill Fujimoto is going to singlehandedly raise the quality of produce "East of the Tunnel". We are not worthy.......

        1. OMG -- I can't drive all the way to Lafayette from SF just for great produce -- I'm just plain insane to even drive to Berkeley for it. I just cannot find such great produce in SF (can't get to farmer's mkt) and Bi-Rite is so hard for parking, cramped, limited produce. Even WF is not nearly as good as Berkeley and the prices at Monterey Mkt so great!

          I wonder if it'd be worth it to take the streetcar to the daily farmer's mkt at Metreon.

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            walker, you don't like rainbow? there are tons of farmers' markets all over SF, I'm sure you can find one near you. Check out: