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Sep 3, 2009 06:20 AM

Would love your opinions regarding an evening at Trotter's

Hi all. We have close friends - even more foodie that we - coming in this weekend. We have 830 reservations at Trotter's, and the option to go with the Kitchen Table at 915. We have eaten before in the main dining room, and figure that this will be a great iconic choice for our out-of-town guests.

Two questions -

FIrst, if you have done both, is the Kitchen Table worth the extra? The price itself is not important, but I don't necessarily want to spend more if there is not a lot of upside. Additionally, we don't see these folks that often, so would like to catch up as well and if the KT is too intense for good conversation as well, that would be another factor. Moreover, 915 is a bit late but no biggie (especially for them, who will be arriving from the West Coast). If anyone can grant some insight, it would be most appreciated because I am on the fence and would like to pull the trigger soon.

Second - the wine pairings. Last time, my wife and I opted to pick our own wines - a half-bottle of white for the first few, and a spectacular Gevrey-Chambertin for the rest. The chef tweaked the sauces a bit to go with our selection, which I thought was wonderful. We were thinking for this one to go standard champage - light red or white - big red, but wanted to get your sense re the pairings menu.

Thanks again to the board - you are a wonderful resource. Best.


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  1. Yes. The Kitchen Table is Worth the Extra. Do It!

    1. Unless my own experience was abnormal, you should have no problem having a conversation at the kitchen table. They are extremely professional, not a lot of yelling or barking of orders.

      1. This weekend, and you still have a choice of the KT? Take it.

        As for wine, i generally go with the pairing instead of picking my own. It's an opportunity to taste more.

        1. thankx a lot. I now have a drool stain on my couch. Enjoy and report!

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            We are locked in to the KT at 915. Now, to pick the Champagne to start chilling early.

            Looking forward to reporting back . . . hoping the Chef won't be taking Labor Day weekend off . . .

            Have a great holiday weekend, all.