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Sep 3, 2009 06:18 AM

A Sunday from Milan - would love to go to Piemonte

I have to be in Milan for work, and I will have a Sunday with nothing planned. I have been to Milan many times so I always try to get out and see other things when I can. I have always wanted to go to Piemonte. Can someone recommend things to do for a day trip by using public transportation? Or if you know of tour guides that will do a one day tour? I would love to do a wine and food thing. Thanks in advance!

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  1. not sure how much is open on a sunday, but we really dig alba

    1. I cant advise on Piemonte, but a day trip to Bergamo by public transport would work just fine, and it is a great destination.

      1. I don't know your budget but you could email Paolo at Buongusto tours and see what he'd charge to meet you somewhere (at a train station) and take you to some wineries. He is based in Piemonte...

        1. Rent a car and go for a great Sunday lunch somewhere (in a place where you can walk after lunch for some hours...). For wine: it is harvest time, so it can be very interesting. Check

          1. If anyone finds themselves in the same situation, I had the most fantastic day! I hired a tour guide from She was fabulous and very knowledgeable. I went to a food and wine festival in Asti and then toured Alba, Barolo, and Barbaresca and visted several wineries - all in one day! One of the most fun days that I have had in Italy.