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Sep 3, 2009 05:35 AM

Sydney pubs

I've seen suggestions that this would be a good thread, but haven't seen the actual thread created.

I'm looking for a good place to drink a good beer and have casual food. I love gastropub food, but am not looking for a dining room. I'm looking for a real (American for proper) pub where I can knock back a few pints. Prefer in the CBD or within striking distance.

To start the list, three places I've visited:

Australian Hotel. It had a great list of bottled beer and a very good list of beer on tap. Good range of Australian beer overall. Food was decent, pizzas mostly.

Local Taphouse had a great range of beer on tap, 20 total, and another couple dozen in bottles. The bottles were very overpriced, the beer on tap was excellent. The food was good, bit overpriced and too fancy.

Lord Nelson had a half-dozen good beers of their own. Nelson's Blood was especially tasty. The food was NOT average pub grub, unless I'm missing the definition of traditional pub food. No pies, burgers, etc. More modern, goat-cheesey type dishes, fancier food.

Of the three, I most appreciated Australian Hotel and the Local, as they had a fun range of regional beers to try.

Any suggestions for beer-centered pubs along these lines, rather than food-centric gastropubs? Thanks in advance.

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  1. have you tried Red Oak? boutique beer with staff who know what they're talking about - always has rave reviews. and their christmas cheer sells out so quickly

    1. oh and then there's the 4 pines brewery but not exactly CBD :)

      1. Fortune of war...oldest pub in Sydney.
        Lord Nelson's is one of my fav's too..more gastropub with goat cheesy kind of things that are frigging delicious.

        1. Check out the Glenmore or the Australian

          Both down the rocks - a couple of streets up from George Street

          Glenmore has a rooftop with great views, and both of them get nice afternoon sunshine on the outdoor tables on a good day


          1. Am quite partial to the Balmain pub scene. These are my favourites:

            The London is pretty legendary