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Sep 3, 2009 05:11 AM

Kennett Square food

So, we are thinking of heading out to Talulla's Table one afternoon this weekend. We have never been and I am interested in seeing what kind of food they sell, etc. Do they serve lunch? Any must buys?

Any other restaurants or food stores we should check out while out there? Somewhere to buy mushrooms? Thanks

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  1. You should check out the Mexican ice cream place, La Michoacana. It's right on State St. as you enter Kennett from the east. I don't get out that way all that often but La Michoacana makes it almost worth the trip by itself.

    1. Sorry I missed this earlier, but......the luncheon fare is sandwiches,salads, etc. not the same as the supper at the farm table which is reserved a year in advance. Takeout is about the best you can get anywhere and is highly recommended. Numerous wonderful things to choose from the constatnly changing selection. The cheese selection is not to be missed either.
      There is a mushroom store a couple of doors from Talula's. You can't miss it.

      1. At Talula's, anything in the case or fridge can be reheated and severd in dishes at the farm table