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Sep 3, 2009 03:59 AM

Rome and Florence

I'm visiting Rome and Florence in October and looking for a good cooking course to do (preferably in both cities), probably just a half day as my husband will want to sightsee and not spend too much time cooking. Does anyone have any recommendations? I really want to try and perfect my fresh pasta!

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  1. A friend of mine took a cooking class in Florence and loved it. Website is

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    1. re: spicygal

      Hubby and I are also visiting Rome and Florence in 2010, any advise/suggestion/tip about cooking classes (for rookies not Pro) in Rome and/or Florence?
      Thanks for all your help

      1. re: cyboinitaly

        I believe that I read somewhere that Maureen Fant does classes in Rome sometimes ... maybe you should check her website ... if she is doing any sort of half day where you shop with her, then cook and have lunch, i would think that would be really informative and fun!! I have to google to find her but I think it is ... check it out ... her postings here have taught me so much, I can imagine meeting her would be a huge treat!!