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What have you made lately?

All time favorite picnic food

Smileelisa Sep 3, 2009 03:52 AM

With Labor day fast approaching and so many good food to choose from this year my menu consists of slow cooked bbq boneless ribs, crock pot mac and cheese, 3 bean baked beans, sweet corn, and last but not least homemade peach pie!

What is your fav picnic food?

  1. BamiaWruz Sep 5, 2009 04:23 AM

    A big pot of rice and herb stuffed grape leaves with a yogurt mint dipping sauce..

    That's about it!

    Or a gourmet muffaletta sandwhich, I like easy to eat food and something I didn't slave over forever, which means it can be made in advance and eaten at room temp.

    1. b
      bulavinaka Sep 4, 2009 09:26 PM

      Wine. A great bottle of wine.

      1. marietinn Sep 4, 2009 08:57 PM

        We had a picnic for the 4th of july this year. I love a fresh baguette and a variety of things to match with it. Plus, crostini toasts and bruschetta. Fresh fruit is also particularly good!

        1. m
          Mister F. Sep 4, 2009 03:39 PM

          Onion sandwiches: Good, dense, grainy bread, homemade mayonnaise, thinly sliced sweet onions (preferably Noonday or 1015), and lots of salt and pepper. Fabulous.

          1. h
            Hombre Sep 4, 2009 09:03 AM

            Egg salad sandwiches
            Braunshweiger on Saltines

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            1. re: Hombre
              schmoopy Sep 4, 2009 12:35 PM

              You are an Hombre after my own heart! Love egg salad sandwiches, LOVE Braunschweiger!! As a kid my favorite sandwich was braunschweiger on white bread (Wonder), cut in quarters... Braunschweiger on saltines is just the poor man's version of pate on a fancy cracker. Also, macaroni salad (not too mayonnaise-y) is a favorite for picnics.

              1. re: schmoopy
                sheideroth Sep 4, 2009 12:42 PM

                Braunschweiger!! Mix it with an envelope of lipton onion soup and one cup of sour cream...it makes the best pate' ever...enjoy!!

                1. re: sheideroth
                  schmoopy Sep 4, 2009 06:00 PM

                  Yum! I'm trying it this weekend! Thanks for the suggestion!

                  1. re: sheideroth
                    KristieB Oct 5, 2009 11:28 PM

                    I mix braunschweiger with cream cheese, Lowery's season salt and a little onion to make a cracker spread. Or toast spread, or filling for stuffed celery.

                    1. re: sheideroth
                      cycloneillini Oct 6, 2009 06:48 PM

                      OMG! I love braunschweiger, and I can't believe I never thought of making a spread out of it. I can't wait to try this.

                2. HillJ Sep 4, 2009 06:14 AM

                  Watermelon. Cool, refreshing and the easiest item to pack.

                  1. a
                    Allice98 Sep 4, 2009 05:01 AM

                    For me it's got to be vegetarian baked beans and also potato salad. Please don't ask me to pick between the two! Baked beans though is a family recipe and the only think that i make at all this is a doctored up version of something. It does have a can of baked beans but more beans and other things are added.

                    What is think is funny is that all the women in my family have a different version of potato salad. You would think that we might all make the same thing or something very similar, but it is all different. Strange huh? We all rave over the others but make our own.

                    1. janetofreno Sep 3, 2009 10:13 PM

                      Some friends are doing a Labor Day weekend pool party/potluck. So far on the menu are ribs, chicken, potato salad, green salad, fruit salad, and peach cobbler. I'm bringing the apps: veggies with home made hummus dip and deviled eggs. Sounds like a perfect picnic to me! Of course, there will be plenty of beer.....

                      1. DonShirer Sep 3, 2009 04:00 PM

                        Baked Beans or Macaroni Salad...take your pick.

                        1. mtngirlnv Sep 3, 2009 02:52 PM

                          My grandmother's sour cream raisin pie.

                          1. h
                            Harters Sep 3, 2009 02:23 PM

                            Scotch egg.

                            1. l
                              laliz Sep 3, 2009 10:44 AM

                              had a picnic yesterday, so that is what comes to mind.
                              cold roast beef w/avocado sandwich
                              corn on cob
                              sliced tomatoes or caprese salad
                              fresh fruit -- grapes, peaches, watermelon
                              and the all important chips and dip

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                              1. re: laliz
                                KristieB Sep 3, 2009 11:09 AM

                                This is the menu my mother fixed for the three different family reunions we attended each summer:

                                Cold Shake-n-Bake chicken
                                Homemade baked beans
                                Macaroni salad
                                and either pie or waky cake

                                Now you must understand our first house had very little insulation. Thus it was hellishly hot in the summer. And three of the four dishes had to go into the oven for at least an hour. I'm begining to think my mother might be a saint.

                                1. re: KristieB
                                  KristieB Sep 3, 2009 11:14 AM

                                  Now, other favorite picnic/cookout menu is:

                                  BBQ chicken (and for nostalgia's sake it MUST be either Kraft or Open Pit original.)
                                  Corn roasted in the husk in the coals of the fire pit
                                  Potato and Macaroni salad
                                  a fresh veggie and fruit tray
                                  pineapple or peach upside down cake.

                                  This is the menu we had every year for my grandfather's birthday August 1st. Oh, grandma might try one of those new fangled Suddenly Salad kits, or one year my mother made spice cake, but the corn, chicken, and veggie tray remain constants.

                                  1. re: KristieB
                                    meatn3 Sep 3, 2009 09:44 PM

                                    What is waky cake?

                                    1. re: meatn3
                                      lynnlato Sep 5, 2009 06:27 AM

                                      Wacky cake is a chocolate cake made without eggs or butter. They substitute vegetable oil and vinegar. It was popular during the war, when rationing limited eggs, butter, sugar, etc.

                                      My daughter loves it and its easy to whip up with kitchen staples.

                                      1. re: lynnlato
                                        BamiaWruz Sep 5, 2009 06:38 AM

                                        That cake is SOOOOOO good!! I used to make it in my early teens, with a good frosting you just don't know what you're missing.

                                        1. re: lynnlato
                                          KristieB Oct 5, 2009 11:27 PM

                                          Along with the vinegar there is baking soda. Together baking soda and vinegar leaven the cake.

                                  2. k
                                    KiltedCook Sep 3, 2009 08:12 AM

                                    Kahlua Pork for sandwiches
                                    Shrimp & Shells Pasta Salad
                                    Fresh-cut cole slaw (green cabbage and some jicama) with just enough lemon-mayo

                                    1. lynnlato Sep 3, 2009 05:07 AM

                                      Good baked beans. My mother was named the "Bean Queen" many years ago and so we were spoiled with from scratch beans cooked low and slow for hours and topped with many strips of bacon. Mmmmmm.

                                      I think it wouldn't be a picnic/bbq/cookout without deviled eggs - the universal picnic food. They are usually the first thing to disappear. I like them very basic, no "fancy" ingredients. They don't need jazzed up - simplicity is best.

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                                      1. re: lynnlato
                                        kubasd Sep 3, 2009 05:45 AM

                                        are you my sister? lol. My mom gets special requests for every family gathering to make her slow cooker baked beans.... that take hours to cook.

                                        And deviled eggs! I never can resist those..... ever.

                                        1. re: kubasd
                                          TomSwift Sep 3, 2009 10:29 AM

                                          Deviled eggs! Our go-to recipe is with sun-dried tomatoes. 6 eggs, yolks forced through a sieve (sp?), 1/4 cup mayo, 2 T sour cream, finely diced SDT. Pipe into the egg whites with a pastry bag and put 3 capers on top with tweezers. No matter what else we have, these disappear first.

                                          1. re: kubasd
                                            lynnlato Sep 3, 2009 11:45 AM

                                            I have a sister who has been missing for years... could it be? LOL

                                        2. z
                                          zzDan Sep 3, 2009 04:39 AM

                                          Well made potato salad that isn't drowning in mayo and has some hard boiled egg in it. High quality char-grilled frankfurters with a good array of condiments to choose from.

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                                          1. re: zzDan
                                            cycloneillini Oct 6, 2009 06:46 PM

                                            Amen to the grilled hot dogs, as my family has always called them. Roasting sticks were a family picnic necessity. First for the hot dogs and then for the marshmallows.

                                          2. s
                                            schrutefarms Sep 3, 2009 04:28 AM

                                            Cold fried chicken, potato salad and wine!

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                                            1. re: schrutefarms
                                              pinkprimp Sep 3, 2009 01:02 PM

                                              Ditto, plus creamy coleslaw.

                                              1. re: pinkprimp
                                                schrutefarms Sep 3, 2009 02:02 PM

                                                And lots of fresh fruit!!

                                                1. re: schrutefarms
                                                  meatn3 Sep 3, 2009 09:42 PM

                                                  Yes! Count me in and I'll bring deviled eggs too!

                                                  1. re: meatn3
                                                    schrutefarms Sep 4, 2009 12:27 PM

                                                    Daaaang! Another one of my favorites!!!!

                                                    1. re: schrutefarms
                                                      meatn3 Sep 4, 2009 08:41 PM

                                                      If I get in the car now, I can be there for the picnic on Monday!

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