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Sep 3, 2009 03:49 AM

Where to find veal in London

Does anybody have a favourite shop where they keep a regular stock of veal? The supermarkets don't seem to carry it too often, and the local butchers tell me they can get it on several days' notice. But my dream -- modest though it may be -- is to cook up a nice stinco di vitello on the same day that I think it would be nice to do so. Any suggestions as to who might satisfy that desire?

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  1. I've seen it in most Waitrose branches around the city.

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    1. re: juniper77

      I know Waitrose often keeps a package of cut up bits for stew. But a nice big shank?

    2. You could try calling Jack O'Shea's shop near Harrod's. He carries excellent meat and might just have veal, too. I miss veal, which is so readily available in the States.

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        indeed jack o'shea is a fabulous butcher (zuriga you do get around dont you) - i was there two days ago and i'm almost positive i spotted veal in his case.

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          Jack O'Shea is now the butcher at Selfridges, if that's more convenient.

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            I've only been to Jack O'Shea's once (I'm sure it was Greedy Girl who recommended it), but I'll go again. I got a really good steak there. I've found a very good butcher down here in Banstead where I get my hair cut, but it's not in the same league as O'Shea's.

            For a minute I thought you were going to say you spotted me in the shop, not veal. :-)

        2. Farmer Sharp at Borough Market stock it, give them a call to check

          or perhaps Allens of Mayfair? 020 7499 5831‎

          1. I would have thought most premium butchers would regularly stock veal.

            It went through a period of being out of favour in the UK, due to the extremely cruel conditions in which the animals were kept, both here and on the mainland.

            Practices now outlawed in Britain are still legal elsewhere in Europe and the organisation Compassion in World Farming (of which I'm a financial supporter) continues to call for a consumer boycott of imported veal.

            That said, British raised veal is grown to far higher welfare standards and gives a "happy life" to male dairy calves which would otherwise be slaughtered within a day or so of birth. British veal deserves to be eaten much more widely and it's getting much easier to find it.


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            1. re: Harters

              I would have thought so too! But it seems to be not so popular. I did eventually find this place not so far from my work:


              They seem to have a pretty good stock of everything, veal included.

              To the point on cruelty -- thanks for the link. Sadly, a part of the information there shows that there is a reverse side to the advances in animal welfare, which is that the low popularity causes a lot of the animal stock to be destroyed. Maybe it would help if everyone ate more tasty veal?

              To zuriga1, yes, it is a bit harder to find good veal here. On the other hand, there is lots of good duck, and it is not expensive.

              1. re: Gordito

                Gordito, I certainly eat a lot more duck here than I did in the States!

                My husband (British) made me aware of why veal is not highly regarded. I'd never been aware of those reasons at all. It's a shame as veal can be made in so many delicious ways.

            2. There is a good butcher in St. John's Wood, Kent & Sons ( they've always had veal in stock when i've been in, and its the 'welfare assured' type. Not quite as friendly and helpful as the Ginger Pig butchers, but good meat nonetheless.