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Dec 8, 2004 05:15 PM

Please Help: Looking for Beef Cheeks

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I'd hope someone knows where to find these, preferably in the Gelndale/Pasadena/Hollywood area. I've tried calling several specialty places but no go. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Here's something to try
    Beef cheek is called mejilla (meh-HHEE-ya or Arg. meh-HEE-zsa like zsa zsa gabor) de res in Spanish. Argentines eat them. There's an argentinian butcher in North Hollywood - you could try them
    11740 VICTORY BLVD

    don't have the number but hope you can find it.

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      Report back if you find a source. I haven't. We order, on occasion, from Niman Ranch. They have pork cheeks too.

      1. re: JudiAU


        I was at Jons Market on santa monica blvd in hollywood.. (towards silverlake side of things)

        And saw cheeks there... actually this is my secret little store hehe.. I love going here.. it is very international, and inexpensive. Imported basamati rice in 5# bags, exotic meats and vegitables (at non exotic prices.)

        I saw the most amazing deal a couple weeks ago.. huge shrimp with head still on super cheap.. i went back ysterday to get some more..and alas they had no more... I tried to ask how often they get those in.. but she didnt speak much english so.. coulda been a fluke.. anyway.. i have seen cheeks there :)


    2. I'm pretty sure that Harvey's Guss handles veal cheeks. I'd imagine he could get them for you.

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        Professor Salt

        I've seen beef cheeks in carnicerias as "cacheta de res." In Anaheim, the Gigante supermarket usually carries them for about $2 / pound.

        It's on Euclid Ave, just north of the 5 fwy. This Gigante location was the first US store for the Mexican superchain; they may have added a few more stores in the past couple years, but don't quote me on that.

        You might also try the Gonzalez Northgate supermakets; I think I've seen them there, too. Locations all over the LA area.

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          bob the glutton

          My SO had filet w/ beef cheeks at Grace tonight. Steak was like leather and cheeks were undercooked. A DISASTER. Desert was excellent. Service was all performed by busboys?????

          1. I don't know where to puchase beef cheeks to cook at home but I sure know the best spot to eat them. Cafe del Rey in marina del rey serves them with get this kobe beef flat iron steak. Unbelievable is all I can say.!!!