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Sep 2, 2009 07:46 PM

Fette Sau...

anyone here have any thoughts or reviews on this place? have heard a few good things, looking forward to checking it out this weekend... any reccomendations on what to get?

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  1. I've liked the brisket but others insist that it's better at Hill Country. I suggest that you look at the meats and ask them what they think are the winners that night. It really does change, although I havent had any meats there that I didnt like enough to devour. However.... the sides, in my opinion, suck. It's a real problem for me & probably why I dont go back more regularly. The alcohol, on the other hand, is a major strength (particularly the bourbon) and makes me regret not going often enough. Have fun.

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    1. re: Steve R

      i totally agree with steve. the sides do suck in a big way. i have liked the the brisket, the pulled pork and the ribs in the past. they also have a great bourbon collection and a decent tap at generally reasonable prices.

      1. re: oystersallday

        You know, I've seen a few negative opinions on the sides and I haven't had that experience. I really adore the potato salad and I know others who like it, as well as the baked beans. That said, I don't really go to bbq places for the sides.

      2. re: Steve R

        thanks for the tips... ideally i would like to try a lil bit of everything... i heard from friends great reviews, and was told to get something that was like a fried mashed potato ball? similar to potato croquettes but not really. thats how they explained it to me... i think ill go for the brisket and ribs and wing it on the sides since they seem to be hit or miss.

      3. I went last week and really enjoyed it. Definitely make sure you go a little bit off-hours because it gets crazy in there and they're not nearly as efficient as Hill Country. Great meat though, cant speak as highly about the sides.

        1. Everything on the menu is pretty good. Last time I was there the brisket was a tad dry and the big winner was the Angus boneless ribs. The pulled pork is always awesome. As for the sides, the beans are delicious and I do like the German potato salad- if anything just for a little change in texture, though it's always the last thing left on the tray.

          1. the bought in spicy sausages are really good - i convinced a vegetarian to eat one, that's how good they are. the sides are terrible - weird broccoli salad, overly gingery german potato salad, and crappy potato chips. i haven't gone in a year and i live a few blocks away. telling sign. oh, i was vegetarian last year.

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            1. re: selenster

              Yeah, I think the telling sign is that you were a vegetarian last year.
              I appreciate BBQ up here is better than it used to, but it's a bit like the bourbon (in most liquor stores) situation: it's clear that it's just not much of a bourbon town. Once again, we're looking at a review of a BBQ joint where the complaint is about the sides? Only in New York.

              1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                hey, having a great roster of sides accents just how awesome a restaurant is. that broccoli salad is weird, overly vinegary and an alarming shade of olive.

            2. They do not know how to trim their meats. It is greasy, fatty, and rather disgusting. They also need more smoke and spice. All in all, I hate it, and I am a pathological BBQ lover.