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Sep 2, 2009 06:09 PM

Freezing biscuits?

The "Southern Month" COTM books have me thinking about biscuits, which I love but seldom make. Biscuits are really only good fresh, but most recipes make far more than two of us would want to eat. What would be perfect is if I could freeze them unbaked and then just bake as many as we wanted at a time. Is that possible? Does anyone have a recipe that works?

In Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, one of the Sept 2009 COTM, Foose has a recipe for Apron String Biscuits where she calls for chilling the dough at least 20 minutes or even overnight. It sounded like a short step to freezing, and I got very excited. But she has a note (cunningly hidden on the following page!) saying, "Owing to the buttermilk, these biscuits should be baked first if any are going to be frozen." Dang, so close! I'm tempted to try anyhow, just to see what happens. They'll probably not rise as much, but they might still be tasty.

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  1. Biscuits recipes are very easy to divide by two or four or however many you need to make as few as you want to make. I make biscuits for the two of us all the time by making 1/6 of my favorite recipe. Because the dough is so easy and fast to throw together, there is no reason to bother with freezing.

    1. you can cut, shape, and freeze pretty much any biscuit dough, but for best results, par-bake them just until they're set but not at all browned (the time will depend on your recipe). cool, freeze, and when you're ready for them, finish baking.