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Sep 2, 2009 05:36 PM

Suggestions for Lunch and Dinner in Arlington/Bennington/Manchester Vermont Area

Staying this weekend at a B&B in Arlington, Vermont. We are foodies, but don't like to spend a fortune! Any suggestions for not-to-miss places in the area for good eats. Really need just 2 lunch and 2 dinner places as we are only around for 2 nights. Boyfriend is a pescetarian. and I am a carnivore.

Have heard about :

Jonathan's Table
Southside Cafe

What are your thoughts on these? Any other great recos?


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  1. Lunch at the Blue Benn diner. Dinner at Pangaea.

    Blue Benn
    314 North St, Bennington, VT 05201

    1 Prospect St North, Bennington, VT

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    1. re: PSZaas

      Since you don't want to spend a fortune, Pangaea is not the place. Instead, try Allegro in downtown Bennington (same owner). Alldays and Onions in Bennington is good all the time. I've passed through Arlington but not eaten there. My impression of Manchester is that it's a Vermont theme park for well-to-do New Yorkers et al.

      1. re: velotrain

        I really like the sandwiches and the homemade potato chips at Zoe's Deli in Manchester. They bake their own bread, and their soups are also good. I second All Day and Onions--it's not extraordinary, but consistently good food and service. Their onion soup is especially tasty.

        1. re: cheferella

          Thanks all. Yes- we will only be spending a few hours in Manchester- but that is all. Really want the New England scene. Close enough to NYC to go there when I want that scene!

          1. re: cheferella

            I'd recommend the sandwiches --or the amazing quiche-- at The Lawyer and the Baker in Manchester far over Zoe's. Across the side street from Northshire Bookstore.