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Sep 2, 2009 05:12 PM

Quest for birthday cake with italian cream filling

Hello everyone, I am new to the board and new to Boston. I live north of the city (in Burlington). I am looking to get a birthday cake that has layers of sponge cake with a little spritz of rum (or rum flavored syrup) and mascapone cheese filling. Does anyone have a favorite bakery that has this kind of cake available? I am hoping not to have to go to North End to get it because it may be difficult to find a place to park.

Thank you so much for your help! I am very excited to join this board!


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  1. Try Patsy's on Broadway in Somerville. It's a traditional Italian bakery, and parking is easy as pie. (Sorry)

    1. Maybe try Antoine's Pastry Shop in Newton. Unfortunately I don't think they have a website, so you'll have to give them a call.

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        Antoine's definitely has this. It's a happy thing. 617.527.9193 You can park out front usually. You can stop in at DePasquale's sausage next door for some very good Italian sausages too.

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            Second Modern- we got my mother's birthday cake from their North End location this year- same cake you have described and it was delicious.

        1. I'll often get birthday cakes from Colarusso's bakery in Stoneham, which would be pretty convenient for you. I haven't had that flavor but I'm 95% sure I've seen it offered. EDIT: Yep, it's listed on their website at

          For that type of cake, I know I've seen many recommendations for a cake place in Revere, but the name slips my mind. It might be Luberto's, as recommended in this thread

          That thread also recommends Fisichelli's and while I haven't had their rum cake, their lobster tail pastries are so good, I'd give credence to that recommendation.

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            Yes, it's Luberto's on Broadway Revere.

            Cakes to die for.

          2. Roma's in Woburn; LaCasia's in Burlington

            1. Another vote for Modern Pastry in Medford Square. It's easier to park than driving to the North End. I get my birthday cakes at Modern Pastry.

              Modern Pastry
              20 Salem St, Medford, MA

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                Always got my cake at both Modern locations, but I've been going to Luberto's in Revere for the past couple of years.
                A lot better than Modern imho.