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Crazy Oysters 3 Part Question

We will be in New Orleans Sept. 17th - 20th and I wanted to know who has the best BBQ Shrimp. On a trip down to New Orleans earlier this spring I ate at Deanie's in Bucktown and thought these were outstanding, but I have heard through the grapevine Mr B's Bistro, and Pascal's Manale are much better. My Brother. a regular visitor to New Orleans, also did not like Deanie's and much preferred Pascal's Manale BBQ Shrimp. I will be visiting from Chicago and cannot wait to eat in the food mecca of the world, New Orleans.

Also, with Oyster season starting, is Casamentos worth the trip for Oysters? I will not have a car for this trip, but is it far from the streetcar? Do they own there own oyster beds, or do they get there oysters from P&J Oyster Co? I have not dined here but have read and heard great things, what are your thoughts?

Finally, I wanted to know if anyone has stayed at Hotel St. Ann Marie Antoinette. We will be staying here on this visit and cannot find too many reviews. Is it kind of like the Monteleone?


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  1. We loved Crazy Johnny's BBQ shrimp in Metairie, but you'd need a car unless you want to go via the bus for lunch. It's not in a particularly attractive area but the food is good.
    http://www.crazyjohnnies.net/ (Giant Dippin Shrimp


    Regarding oysters, I don't eat them, my hubby says you can get good oysters most places when they are in season. The only place he didn't care for them was at Zeke's (old Metairie) as they were pre-shucked and put over ice.

    Reviews of the hotel here:

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      Second Crazy Johnny's. They're the best I've had in the area. Casamento's is a very cool little joint.

    2. the review of the hotel do not sound too great.....

      1. Take St. Charles streetcar to Napoleon. Walk toward the river to Magazine. Turn L. Casamentos will be about 3 doors down on the R. Very good 1/2 shell and loaves. Mr. B's for the best BBQ shrimp. Heavy on worcestershire. Their gumbo ya-ya is excellent as well.

        1. I prefer Pascal's myself, but the majority ruling seems to be that Mr. B's is the best. Really though, either spot will serve you fabulous BBQ shrimp.

          1. I think Casamento's is worth the trip for more than oysters. Start with a half dozen raw, then move on to the fried crab claws. Then have a fried softshell crab, or a trout sandwich. Be patient, don't expect fancy service, and pe prepared to wait in line for a bit. It's an institution, with delicious, classic food. I'm fairly sure that Casamento's doesn't own any oyster beds, not that such a thing matters anyway.

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              I have never heard Casamento's claim to own oyster beds..they have used different providers in my time but they are usually loyal to a particular guy whenever I have noticed. It used to be claimed that Black's in Abbeville had their own oyster beds but I never checked on it. It is an easy thing to say and generates business...who's gonna check on it?

              This early "cool" weather we are having might mean oysters will be Up & Running sooner than usual...Fair Grounds, here were come!

            2. I have been to Pascals Manale’s & their BBQ shrimp are great!!! You also have to go to the oyster bar @ Pascals it is a good time as well. The guys shucking the oysters are very friendly. I would go in 30 min before you eat & get a drink at the bar & belly up to the oyster bar for some great oysters. They also have a very good veal marsala that my wife ordered

              I have never been to Casamentos, but have heard good things about this place & will definitely be going there my next trip. I also don’t know anything about your hotel. The only thing I care about is if it is clean & in a good location. I never spend too much time in my hotel in NOLA anyways. There is too much to do.

              Wish I was going!!!

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                you pay the bartender for the oysters, get a token (doubloon) of sorts and then give it to the guy shucking as "payment" for the oysters. you can't eat at the bar at PM's, only where they are shucking, so don't get confused by this setup...it's just the way it is.

              2. I have to agree all that matters to us is the hotel is clean and in a good location, and we will not be spending to much time in the hotel anyway. I will make sure to hit Casamento's this trip, and I try both Mr B's Bistro and Pascal's Manale for BBQ Shrimp. Maybe B's for lunch at the bar, and the next day Pascal's Manale for dinner. The one dining experience I will not be missing this trip is going to be Galatoire's.

                On another note has anyone been on the New Orleans Culinary Tour? Is this a must thing to do, or should we save our money and dine at another restaurant.

                Thanks for all the help and if you have any more info to share please let me know.

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                  Save your money and time on the NOLA Culinary tour. Its not a must thing to do in NOLA. I got talk into it by a friend being in NOLA for the first time. Take the money and go enjoy yourself at a nice restaurant.

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                    Looks like I'm just going to miss you as I'll be arriving on Sept. 23. I usually ride the bus to Casamento's - catch the bus that goes down Magazine St. and get off at Napolean. I believe they are open for lunch Tu-Sa 11 -2 pm and dinner Th-Sa 5:30- 9:00pm