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Sep 2, 2009 04:59 PM

GE Advantium Oven/Microwave

Does anyone have one of these? I'm looking at them to save space, but wonder if they really are as great as they seem.

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  1. welcome to Chowhound! just a friendly tip that it's always best to use the Search function before posting a new query. you'll find that, more often than not, there's already some relevant information on the boards to help you get started...

    1. You might want to mention if you are looking for over range or built in, and whether 110 or 220. They are very different. I was looking at them and almost bought the over range model a few weeks ago but decided that the Profile micro/convection was the better choice for me - one of the biggest reasons is that it has two rack baking capabilities.

      I looked at a lot of reviews though and people really seem to love or hate them but again, you had better narrow down which model you are looking for since they are dramatically different for all four models.

      1. Yup. I have an Advantium. Love it! Mine is built-in 220V, and it turned four years old last month. I love it! Abotu a year or so after it was installed, GE changed this particular model to include convection cooking too, so as soon as I win the lottery, I'm there! Last time I chedked there was also a 110V built in, which is slower, and all of the countertop models are 110V.

        I'm very happy with it. I particularly enjoy the halogen cooking bit. I have control over whether both the upper and lower halogen lamps work, meaning the bottom heats the metal pan and will brown the bottom of whatever I have sitting on it, or I can use just the top lamp to brown the surface of a casserole or melt cheese on toast. Well, the things I can do in the Advantium are so much more complex that this.

        I don't know if I'd be as happy with a 110V oven, but then I've never used one. I chose this one because it's so fast. Hope this helps.

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        1. re: Caroline1

          Caroline, have you found it to be technologically reliable?

          I have a deceased GE convention oven sitting in my wall cabinet right now that I have to replace. It's taking me a while because I am paralyzed with indecision. This GE didn't even last four years. Both my electrician and then an appliance repairman I called in advised me not to repair it. They independently said that they wouldn't feel comfortable vouching for the circuit board's fire-resistance after repair. (Or something like that; having to do with safety.)

          The features of the Advantium interest me, but I'm gunshy about GE's quality now, after this oven and after having two GE microwaves each die within a year. I know it's not an issue regarding the house's electrical; I've had it all checked.

          But I'm sitting here without an oven, which is getting to be boring, because the only two that really interest me are the Advantium and one of the JennAir (Jennair?) models, but I've heard some concerns about the reliability of the JennAir, too.

          1. re: Normandie

            Well, my personal opinion is that there are NO reliable appliances today, not because of bad manufacturing, but because the U.S. electrical "infrastructure" is archaic, poorly maintained, and on the verge of collapse. And our gas lines, water lines, and roadways aren't in such great shape either! I too know my house's wiring is NOT at fault, since my master electrician son rewired the whole house for me when I bought it four years ago. Nevertheless, in that time, "dirty" electricity, power surges, and lightning strikes have wiped out two custom built high end computers, a 10" digital TV/DVD player, a video projector, the roll down 120" screen that goes with it, my Trivection oven, and my Capresso super automatic espresso machine (this, the Vision computer, and the 10" LCD TV just last week.). How do I offset the cost? A home warranty. They're available for renters too. I don't see the problems associated with delivering clean electricity to the consumer as getting better any time soon, not entirely due to the recession. Americans today seem to want all of the benefits of high taxes while paying rock bottom low taxes!

            So... About my Advantium. I've never had a problem with it. It is mounted right above my Trivection, which has bit the lightning bolt/power surge bullet a couple of times. I suspect it's the way the house is wired. The Trivection is likely "first in line."

            Just because I like speed, my Advantium is the built-in 220V model. I've never used the countertop version, but if I recall, the typing puppy's master has one. JFood, any opinions on the countertop model?

            1. re: Caroline1

              first during house remodeling at our FL "cottage" we purchased a new OTR Advantium 240 in SS, for 800 dollars on eBay, saving about 1/2 the cost? and really do love it.
              about six months later our OTR micro died in CT.....found a last generation (2004?) at a local appliance store for 450, it was however a 120.
              Personally, I would go 240 or not do Advantium, I really don't think the 120 is any faster than a micro convection.
              First I'd pick the 240 wall, if you can, but next best is the 240 OTR. Strangely, some things are faster (according to GE recipes) in the OTR. also you can fit a 9x12 dish in the wall oven......
              so far no issues.