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LATE NIGHT....something?

Hello LA! I am a recent transplant from New York, and I am desperate to find some late night places to get a coffee or tea and write. I am regularly up until at least 4am (it's the best time of the day!), and I have been driving around looking for a place to sit without having to order a proper meal or consume alcohol. Coffee/Tea shops, cafes... Places open at least until 1am, preferably later or 24 hours would be ideal. I am mostly looking for options - as many as I can find. I am willing to drive anywhere in Los Angeles, so please recommend anything you know about! Also any insight into other things going on into the night would be much appreciated. I am SURE people have had these discussions before, but I was unable to find an existing thread.

Thanks so much!

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  1. There was this recent thread on the west side/coastal LA area that may be helpful in your quest. I don't imagine that most of them would care if you are there very late about your just drinking coffee.


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        This thread is a little dated so you'll have to check to see if the info is still good (and there are repeats / overlap with some of what you are already reading, but should still be helpful): http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/437966

        Add this non Chowhound site to the mix - and check before driving: http://losangeles.metromix.com/restau...

        And another: http://pipersrestaurant.net/index_hom...

    1. If you haven't found these already...

      Bourgeois Pig on Franklin is open till 2 or 2:30 every night.

      And Insomnia Cafe is open till 1:00 or 1:30, I believe.

      Insomnia Cafe
      7286 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

      Bourgeois Pig
      5931 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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        I haven't been to Fred 62 late at night in a long time. I wonder how they would be about someone coming in to write and drink coffee?

        Fred 62
        1854 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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          With very few exceptions, to find a writer-friendly late-night place you're going to have to go the coffeehouse route and forget about great food or decent parking.

          For example, the Fred 62 diner is 24/7, but late at night it's very dark and VERY noisy, and a single person is only likely to find space at the counter -- hardly conducive to writing.

          If you want food, most of the Jerry's Famous Deli branches are 24/7. They aren't cheap, and you will have to spend $$$ on more than just coffee if you want to be left alone. As long as you aren't expecting haute cuisine it's probably the best food to be had at very late hours.

          For coffeehouses, Psychobabble, half a block north of Fred 62, is open till 2 am. So is Bourgeois Pig, although the latter gets noisy at late hours and has horrendous street parking.

          Insomnia (which at one time was 24/7) is just about the oldest surviving writer-friendly coffeehouse in L.A., although ironically it closes the earliest of any of these (1:30 am). The staff can get snarly but if you can ignore that, it may be your best bet.

      2. Per the coffee thread by ThiN, the Peet's in Pasadena on south Lake at California is open on the weekends until 11pm if that works, according to the peets dot com website. The other nights until ten. Might offer a bit of help until you relocate from Altadena.
        Not sure about Caffe Etc., in Hollywood at Selma & Cahuenga or the Groundworks on Sunset, at maybe Cahuenga.

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          Actually, that Groundwork is only open until 8:00 during the week and 9:00 on weekends.

          And Caffe Etc. is only open until 11:00 every night.

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            Talk about missed opportunities.
            but thanks for the input.

            1. re: carter

              what missed opportunities?
              to stay open with all the attendant costs thereof for customers like nycmissesme who want to hang around for hours and hours while just buying a couple of cups of coffee or tea?

              if they could find a way to actually charge such customers rent, the situation might make some business sense.

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                No, my actual thought there was that there may be many others in clubland, meaning the Cahuenga Corridor, who might like to eat something, have a cup of coffee, etc. No entity will survive with a cup of coffee as a premise for survival, and i am the first to realize that.

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                  "No entity will survive with a cup of coffee as a premise for survival, and i am the first to realize that."

                  Well, it turns out that there is at least one in LA that can: http://www.cacaocoffeehouse.com/

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                    is cacao the joint in west la, right next door to le saigon?

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                      Crazy you mention that place, b/c I live a couple blocks from there, and had never heard of it (I don't drink coffee), and when my parents were in town and wanted to know where they could get their coffee, I did a search and found this place, and then saw it was only open at night. I always figured coffee shops would do the most business in the morning...

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                        In all fairness though, Cacao is TINY... about half the size of a typical Starbucks... and I've been there LATE several times and there was never more than three folks working there...


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                          They have seating outside too, which very late is probably the place to be - weather permitting.

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                        Not to mention all the people in and out of the Arclight a block away, and the many nearby restaurants, who might like to stop in for a cup before or after.

                        It's true that in a lot of neighborhoods, staying open past 8 would only bring the laptop set, but on such a high traffic corner as Sunset & Cahuenga, I do think Groundwork is missing a real volume opportunity at night.

                        1. re: budsoftaste

                          that is my point - I am sure someone made a living doing it, but it should be a broader base than 1, or even 2.
                          Groundwork or Caffe ETc. could make it work in this neighborhood, yet obviously lack huevos to even make the attempt.
                          Many neighborhoods are ripe for it, yet it's not for the chains - they want the corporate culture, uniformity, etal., so you seldom see changes in their M/Os.

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                        I like the French way. You buy a cup of coffee and pay the "butt tax" (coffee costs less if you drink it at the counter inside the café) and that chair is yours as long as you want it. You can sit there all day and buy one cup of coffee and pay the butt tax if you want... and eventually maybe you'll be hungry, around 13.00, and maybe you'll see other customers eating poireaux à la vinaigrette and steak-frites and you'll order something to eat... and of course un p'tit pichet de vin ordinaire to tide you over until you realise you need another cup of coffee...

                        This happens here too, though -- I call out the Fourbucks on Ventura and Vineland as an example, though generally it's full of the "LOOK AT MY OBVIOUSLY DISPLAYED SCRIPT I'M READING HERE AND ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT IT" industry hacks.

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          it's comments like this that make Chow so great. Kudos.
                          What's wrong with Canter's? You could sit there til sunrise and who would care?

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                    Here's some of my late-late night option picks:
                    25 degrees (24/7) - one of my faves, great burgers in the heart of hollywood
                    Fred 62 (24/7) - probably the best of the foodie-diners
                    Pacific Dining Car (24/7)
                    Toi (Thai until 4am)
                    Swinger's - another good foodie diner
                    The Brite Spot

                    It's been mentioned before, but you can go to magnifeast.com when it's late at night, and click on 'find open restaurants...all', and restrict the search to a radius near a location. It's not comprehensive, but it does have a skew towards late-night places. I think they list at least over 40 that are open after 1:30AM.

                  3. There's also Psychobabble on Vermont in Los Feliz which is open till 2:00 every night. Though it's a bit of a dump.

                    Brū Coffee Bar
                    1866 N Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027

                    1. Lulu's Beehive (coffeeshop) on Ventura in Studio City is open late during fall and winter.

                      Krua Thai on Sherman Way in the Valley is open until 3 (I think) and Sanamluang is open until at least 3 and I think 4.

                      1. Du-Par's and Norms are open 24 hours.

                        1. Wow! Chowhound is amazing! Thank you all so much for your suggestions! I knew you were the right people to come to for help!

                          To Westsidegal - I genuinely appreciate your acknowledgment that businesses need to make money to survive. I am very conscious that I have to support a place if I want it to remain open, and that is an important reminder to people. I never go very long without ordering another drink or snack, and i am always tipping around 80%. I worked in the food service industry too long to not know how that goes...

                          I guess what I am looking for is more than just *any* place that is open late. I know there are many business owners who create late night spaces specifically to nurture and encourage this kind of evening artist culture, and I think often the environment is shaped by it as well. I am not really going out of my way to spend time in a place that doesn't want me there. I like what you said, Das Ubergeek, about the French "butt tax", and I am absolutely imagining Simone de Beauvoir at Cafe de Flore, writing and smoking like a madwoman! Amazing.

                          It's important to me that I get to know LA for what it is and not just look in it for someplace else i have been, but this is a huge part of my lifestyle to potentially have to adapt out of. Many writers are creatures of this particular nocturnal habit, and there are so many writers here - I wonder what I am missing!

                          Anyway, I am so appreciative to all of you, and I will definitely try all of your recommendations! Even the ones that close earlier will give me more options than I have now. Thank you, and please keep posting if you come up with more!

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                            I wanted to add that what I meant in the original post when I said I am not looking to order a proper meal or alcohol, I guess what i meant is I am not looking for a "restaurant" or a "bar" where it would be weird for me to sit and write. Please do tell if there is a restaurant, bar or pub that would be suitable; I am happy to get a meal or glass of wine or whatever. I just didn't want people to be responding with a late night sports bar, TGI Fridays, IN-N-Out Burger, fancy wine bar, or something equally inappropriate.

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                              So just back from bike riding and I thought that one type of place you can probably park yourself and write without too much trouble are the plethora of all night doughnut places scattered around LA. Winchell's and Yum Yum are two chains that are usually open all night and I see them on my rides with no one in them in the wee hours.

                                1. re: Servorg

                                  HAHA I have tried so many of them, you have no idea...

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                                    Just rode by Cafe Dahab on Sawtelle (just south of Santa Monica Blvd.) about an hour and half ago (like 2:40 AM) on my bike and the outside patio was full. So looks like another potential late night candidate.


                                    Cafe Dahab
                                    1638 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

                            2. The Kettle in Manhattan Beach is usually my late night spot for a cup of joe and a maybe breakfast. There is no late-night bar crowd in there and have seen many people with laptops on their tables. It's 24/7

                              The Kettle
                              1138 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach

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                                  Was the kettle friendly to just hanging out there and writing, doodling, etc? Sometimes they get grouchy during the day, which is understandable.



                                  1. re: upstarter

                                    I was just there a week ago or so at 5 AM and I can't imagine that they would have a problem with it. They have a big space and the waitress was a sweetheart.

                              1. Just to reiterate on behalf of the OP...

                                "I guess what I am looking for is more than just *any* place that is open late. I know there are many business owners who create late night spaces specifically to nurture and encourage this kind of evening artist culture, and I think often the environment is shaped by it as well. "

                                With that in mind, unless I'm mistaken, I think the focus of this thread is looking for those late night coffeehouse culture destinations where a community of artists and writers (and yes, posers too) congregate to caffeinate and create and commune. The Cacaos and Insomnias and Bourgeois Pigs, as opposed to just any all night diner or donut shop.

                                Toward that end…

                                How about in the USC and UCLA neighborhoods? I have to imagine there are a few good options in those areas as well, but those aren’t my ‘hoods? Anyone?

                                1. NYC, curious what you've found that you like so far?

                                  1. What about the lobby of a hotel? For instance, The Standard downtown has a pretty expansive lobby and The Restaurant is open 24/7. The only drawback I could see is that The Standard's lobby might get a little boisterous with the comings/goings of the party-people to the rooftop bar between 10PM-2AM; otherwise, it's pretty chillax there.

                                    1. Welcome to LA. Where in NY were you? I moved here after living in the East Village and Williamsburg. I'm in Santa Monica now and miss the wide variety of all-hour options.