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Sep 2, 2009 03:42 PM

Kobe Burger at Rockit -- worth it or not?

My husband is going to the Steely Dan concert tomorrow night with some friends and wants to go to dinner nearby. Someone told him not to miss the Kobe burger at Rockit, but he's also heard some so-so things about the place. While I guess it's very well located to the concert and their hotel, he wants the 'hounds to tell him this is truly his best bet or if there's something else they should consider.

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  1. rockit burger self-advertise as the "best burger" in the city. i think it is good (well cooked and flavorful patty with good veggie ingredients), but nothing special - definitely not the "best burger" in the city (i remember the buns were too soft). i was more impressed by the truffle fries than the burger itself. but it is good enough that i'd go back.