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Sep 2, 2009 03:39 PM

Budapest - anyone recommend a "food guide" to show us the sights of the city

Any special food markets, great places (restaurants, holes in the wall or otherwise, etc) that aren't to be missed. Any recommendations would be most appreciated. We'll be there at the end of September/First of October.

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  1. I just posted a long report of our central Europe trip - we spent a few days in Budapest and definitely have some recommendations:

    So much great food in Budapest! Enjoy!!

    1. Carolkyn Banfalvi's Food Wine Budapest is available in the USA but not in Hunghary; her other book is available in Hungary but not the USA (I forget the title); if you are looking for an English-language comprehensive guide to Budapest restaurants and eating (and drinking), her books are very solid indeed. And beautifully done.

      If you are looking for something in Hungarian, the Kalausz guide is the most rigorous restaurant guide for Hungary, though its ratings are controversial.

      Online, in English: ... check their Top 33 list

      If you are looking for a human guide, Carolyn Banlfalvi is not cheap, but is impossible to beat:

      also check out:

      due to be revised shortkly, but still has some good, if subjective, guidance...

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        We just returned back and had some wonderful dining experiences that I am just about to post.

        Just as a heads up, we traveled with the suggestions and after doing some further research, that list might be somewhat outdated. Other reviews of many of those suggestions state that their experiences were not up to par to be considered the top.

        Budapest is a truly burgeoning city and there have been many wonderful additions to the dining options since that list was developed.

        We had amazing rec.'s from our concierge (this coming from someone who has not always felt, in the past, that concierges have the patrons best interest at heart).

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          We had one of those books ahead of our ridiculously short visit (this one ) and found it to be very thoughtful and well researched. We didn't get nearly as much out of Budapest as we would have liked and definitely want to return. Great place!

          Errrr what is up with this forum? Everything is from 2009! Sorry for the zombie bump...