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Sep 2, 2009 03:30 PM

Best place for Produce in Gramercy/Murray Hill?

There are a plethora of supermarkets in the area but find D'Agostino's to be somewhat disappointing. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy produce in the area? I'm obviously concerned primarily with quality, but price point is also a consideration.

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  1. Best fresh produce in MH is on the corner of 28th and 2nd. there is a fruit and veggie cart that has very fresh well priced produce. There is also a farmers market in the yard of PS 116 on 32nd on the weekends. Also, there is a farmers market in front of the movie theater on 2nd ave on weekends.

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    1. Well, don't forget about the union square greenmarket. It's open most days of the week (4 or 5, anyway). Depending on where you live, it's pretty convenient.

      There's also an organic grocer on the east side of 3rd ave somewhere between... hmm.... maybe 24th and 27th. Sorry I can't be more specific. I just walk in as I'm walking by and don't remember exactly where it is. They have all sorts of other health/natural foods in there too. The produce is decent.

      Also Todaro's has okay produce as well. It's right across 2nd ave from the Kips Bay movie theater.

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        it's a challenge in this neighborhood no question. oh how i miss the garden of eden that used to be on 3rd and 24th. i suck it up and go to the one on 23rd b/tw 6th and 7th. they ALWAYS have everything i need and not as much of a cluster as Whole Foods / Trader Joe's. It's worth the trip. Also, they were doing "recession saturdays" giving 20% off.

        Somewhere in this thread a poster mentions Morton Williams as best grocer (generally, not specifically producer). Can't confirm personally.

        1. re: bdurrett

          Morton Williams is the best grocer. It's on 2nd and 23rd. I still usually get my produce from the greenmarket and then supplement from MW.

          Todaro's is not bad, but fairly pricey. I think their prices on mushrooms are about the same as the mushroom vendor at the greenmarket, while lacking the quality.

          1. re: windycity

            Does anyone have an opinion on the Greenmarket on 33rd? The Union Square one is a mob scene.

      2. Todaro Brothers on Second Ave, between 30 and 31'st was a great place to go. Haven't been there in almost a decade, but if it is still as good as it was, it is worth checking out:

        1. There's also a nice little greenmarket at the Stuy Town oval on Sundays. Not too many vendors, and they close at 4, but I've bought some nice stuff there. It may not be any closer to you than Union Square, though.

          1. It is a mystery to me why there is no decent supermarket/take-out/ produce store in the Murray Hill and Gramercy area. Since Garden of Eden closed, and with the exception of Todaros which has quite a limited selection, the area is a waste land in terms of food shopping. This is particularly surprising since there are so many new condo and rental buildings w/ lots of young residents. One would think that the area would be ideal for a Whole Foods.

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            1. re: maxinem

              I wonder this myself. I think that it's still accessible enough to Trader Joe's and the USQ greeenmarket that folks don't feel the need. And of course, perhaps there is a stereotype that some of the erhm, younger residents don't need or want quality produce since they either just eat out lots or microwave - a stereotype which perhaps leads vendors to not want to enter the wasteland.

              I've resorted to going to going to Chinatown and USQ for the majority of things and supplementing with Morton Williams. I'm also considering going back to the CSA.

              1. re: windycity

                I have found the little market at P.S. 116 to be a nice surprise. There is a variety of veggies, eggs, meat, etc. The potatoes were very fresh. But, I agree with all that has been stressed here. There is little in my neighborhood (35th and 3rd), and I find it disappointing. I try to make it to Union Square when I can, but it ends up being a schlep (I have a two-year old). i'm thinking of joining Urban Organic, (again).....Maybe I'll try Morton Williams, have not been there yet. And, windycity, there might be something to what you have said. Greenmarket vendors only come to areas where there is clear demand. If enough of us Murray Hillsters want them to come, it could happen.

                1. re: MurryHillTara

                  Hey MHTara -- One thing you may consider is walking up to the Amish Market on 45th. I know it's still not super convenient but it's closer than USQ or Morton Williams. And yeah, the market at grand central has lot's of high quality stuff, but I feel it's outrageously expensive. Amish Market is reasonable for fresh produce.

                  1. re: MurryHillTara

                    morton williams is nothing special; just another typically overpriced manhattan supermarket; i believe there is an association with . . . Associated. by default, I end up going to H-Mart in Koreatown but even their stuff is not that good. I'm just too spoiled by my CSA and/or weekly trips to chinatown and jackson heights.