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Sep 2, 2009 03:29 PM

Albuquerque - thoughts on party places?

Hello Hounds!

We are throwing a dinner bash for 30+ people in December and are trying to find great food and a great spot in ABQ. We want a private room, nice environment and service, experience with parties, liquor and wine, and great food.

Here's where we've been looking to start, just based on places known to have banquet or party rooms:

* Yani
* Jennifer James 101 (whole place)
* Prairie Star
* Madeline's Place
* Artichoke Cafe
* Season's / Savoy
* Trombinos
* Marcello's
* Sandia Casino
* Tamaya

I would love the Chowhouse perspective, though, so any comments or thoughts on any of these are welcome and any suggestions on places I've missed too!

Many thanks and great food to you all!


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  1. I don't have any "party" experiences at these places, just dining experiences. Perhaps that will help.

    Yanni's - just had dinner there last week. Good, solid food. For better Greek, Mykonos on Juan Tabo is better.

    Jennifer James, she knows her stuff.
    Artichoke Cafe - we had our wedding dinner there [only 8 people] and it was [always is] excellent.
    Tamaya - nice atmosphere, very good food,excellent location
    Sandia Casino - eaten at Bien Shur, very good food and great views.
    Season's - good, solid food

    Trombino's - don't like their food or overall experience

    Zinc in Nob Hill would be nice too; good food and wines
    The Ranchers Club at the Hilton is top notch.
    La Province in Nob Hill - if they do private room, it would be excellent choice. Excellent wines and food.

    I will think about where else you can go.


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    1. re: DebitNM

      Is the Rancher's Club really still top-notch? I've heard its glory has faded somewhat.

      Agreed that Mykonos is superior to Yanni's...we had a large party there once that went very smoothly (though it wasn't private, just large).

      1. re: tatamagouche

        Personally, I like Olympia Cafe better than Mykonos. My wife's recently departed Greek aunt made home style Greek food, and Olympia Cafe's food tastes like her aunt's. Fresh pita bread with the meal, too. However, the Oly isn't set up for banquets for 30 people.

        If you're considering New Mexican food, I'd ask Sadie's whether they do banquets.

        1. re: paoconnell

          I heard that the Olympia has changed owners and is no longer owned by Greeks

    2. Well, after lots of research and thought, it looks like we're going to do Jennifer James 101. I loved her first place and Graze was fun so we're hoping for a great food evening with a dedicated restaurant for the big night.

      Now, for you CH folks who've been there . . . any dishes/techniques/etc that I should either insist on or (better yet) avoid?