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Sep 2, 2009 03:19 PM

Johnny Troy's Manchester NH

Has anyone any info on this Italian place. It's located in the Triangle Building on South Willow street south of the Mall of NH. Tia

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  1. I've had a couple of calzones from there that were good.

    1. Great calzones and best salads for the $$$. Also one of the best sicilian pizzas I've had in the Manchester area.

      1. I have been a few times and it is always fantastic. The grilled paninis and calzones are a huge bargain for the money, and they are delicious. Try the fried rice balls.

        1. Ok... finally stopped in today and I must say I am kicking myself for driving by so many times without doing so! This is the real deal for Italian food in the area people! I have not eaten pizza this good since the last time I was in the North End. A simple cheese and pepperoni was amazing. The pepperoni was very finely diced instead of sliced and my first impression was being a little perplexed, my second was glee. Pepperoni pieces on the entire pie. It was a perfect balance of crust, sauce and toppings. Very good! Ditto for the Calzones...15 different combo choices ( I had the Italian cold cut ) very tasty and I agree it's quite the bargain at $7.95 as it easily feeds two.
          I think the wine and beer offerings may be new? I ordered a glass of chardonnay and it was quite reasonably priced at 5 bucks. My only complaint was it could have been a wee bit colder...but apart from that iirc 3 choices on white/4 on red, nothing more than 25.00 a bottle and bottled beer was 2 imports and 3 domestic. And a couple of boozy coffee drinks too.

          Apparently they are considering doing some alfresco dining when the weather gets better which would be nice. Cool spot to watch the odd plane take off or land ( I digress here :) )

          It was slow when I was there so I got to chat with the owner and learnt that everything is fresh and cooked to order. An example of this if you order the chicken parm...the chicken is fresh and breaded to portion controlled/frozen/prepackaged short cuts here....This chef takes pride in what he serves. Lots of interesting dinners on his menu that I look forward to sampling as my finances allow.
          So peeps...Do yourself a favour, bypass the crappy poor excuses for food ( Yeah I am talking Olive garden for one !) eat some great food here and help keep a fantastic, hardworking local restaurant in business! my 2c

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              awesome, I don't think I've even passed it nor heard much about it - thanks.

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                Went today after work and yum! I got chicken marsala to go and it was very good plus a great value for only $10. Lots of food plus some garlic bread thrown in too. Will definitely be going back.

            2. Johnny Troy's Italian Specialites in Manchester ,NH is a great place ....for made to order, great priced Italian food. My company uses JT's to cater lunch meetings and events and that is how I found out about it. They never disappoint and the portions are amazing. Once I found out where they were located, right at the Triangle Plaza...Now I go there for lunch. They have wonderful panini sandwiches and a great grilled chicken salads, served with warm pita bread. A new item I recently tried was the Rice Balls...Hamburg, rice, and cheese rolled up in a ball, with an outer fried coating covered with sauce. They open at 11 for lunch and it is always busy when I go in at that time. They also recently added beer and wine to the menu and you can come in and have a reasonably priced dinner with your family in a nice atmosphere. Johnny Troy's has been in busines now for 4 years. They have the best Chicken Marsala around and the calzones are filled from end to end.