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Sep 2, 2009 03:16 PM

Piggy's BBQ on Capital Circle, Tallahassee

Just opened Monday, but I think they have been catering for a while. Place was full around 12:30, and you go through a cafeteria line and they make your plate. I had the two meat special so I could try a couple of things: pulled pork and ribs, with choice of about 6-7 sides. I had the mac and cheese, okay, and the slaw, which I did not care for. Good cornbread muffin and drink, for 12.99, so its not cheap. Others at table liked the chicken, the green beans, and sweet potato casserole.

Had a sweet sauce and a mustard-based. I tried the latter and it was good, but would like to have a regular non sweet tomato based sauce. They had some burnt ends on a tray and when I asked, threw a couple on my plate. Worth a try.

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  1. I ate there Monday and had the pulled pork sandwich. The pork was okay. It was served on a standard hamburger bun. A little on the smallish side. The sandwiches come with one side and a drink. Total bill including tax, about $7.50. Sauce was kind of generic, not bad but not great. I would like a little spicier sauce option.

    Not a bad value for the money spent, but not a particularly filling meal. I would have liked to add a second sandwich, but they don't offer them a la carte.

    I plan to try a slab of ribs this weekend and will post afterward.

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    1. re: gmc251

      GMC...we are experimenting with buns and bun sizes and do plan to offer a larger one. We are working to make sure portions are accurate and plentiful.

      1. re: browe

        Thanks for the response browe. Your product is certainly worth what you are charging for it. A bigger sandwich, at a higher price of course, would be a welcome option. Forgot to mention I had the fries and they were well prepared. Not at all soggy like fries that aren't cooked when ordered can be. I would say you are off to a good start.

      2. re: gmc251

        GMC, not sure you were complaining about the standard hamburger bun thing, but at least in North Carolina, bbq tradition is to use the most plain bun imaginable (wonderbread even). All the bun is supposed to be is a medium to hold the pork and slaw in place and not get in the way.

        1. re: mikeh

          Not really complaining. As I said, it was not a bad value for the money paid. I'm a big guy and it takes a little more for my appetite. I would gladly pay more for a second sandwich. Overall satisfied and will return. The vinegar based sauce sounds good. Looking forward to trying a slab this weekend.

      3. Steakman...first and foremost thank you for trying us out. As you know, we are not even a week old and are trying to work out the kinks. I do appreciate any and all feedback. We added our vinegar-based sauced today and as soon as I have time to make it, the fourth and final sauce will be a spicy mustard.

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        1. re: browe

          browe, could you give some more detail as to how you prepare the pig? I'm from NC where we smoke the pig over hickory coals for 9-12 hours (either pork shoulder or whole hog, depending on the part of the state) and add just a little bit of sauce (dip) at the end. What region of BBQ would you say your pork is? I notice that you label it as "pulled pork," not "chopped pork," which makes me think the style originates more from the Kansas City/Memphis/Texas regions?

          Will be in Tallahassee in a few weeks. Look forward to trying it out.

          1. re: mikeh

            mikeh...I personally hand-pull each butt that I smoke. We use two Ole Hickory Pits with Pecan wood.

        2. Steak, Thanks for pointing this out, even though it's almost "across the street" from us, I'm not focused on that side of the road when I drive by. Didn't even know Elite Deli has expired. Browe, First, it appears you folks are busy. That's a good sign. Mrs Crew picked up a couple of pulled pork sandwiches tonight. I'm more of a Texas Q kinda guy versus the Southeast styles, when you've eaten the Texas Q loop through Lulling and Lockhart, it's hard to find something that compares. If I had been with her, I'd spoke to the pit master, but I'm guessing you're using oak cause I didn't get a strong smoke flavor you get from hickory. I can see the smoke ring and the meat wasn't dried out . I get a bit of salty flavor from the rub, but it's hard to say that's the rub since it was pulled already. Is the sauce she pickedup is your only variety? It's a big on the sweet side for me. Reminds me of the Dreamland Sauce a bit (though it's been a few years since I was in 'Bama). (mikeh, the pork is pulled like Memphis pork, not chopped like Carolina) . Browe, I'm like gmc, I need to give you more than one shot. My one complaint, was the mac n cheese. To my tastes it was a short step above the commerical brand, so I'm guessing it wasn't "homemade" , I love good homemade mac n cheese. Take a gander over at the Bethel Family Restaurant on Tennessee for lunch some day. They have a good mac n cheese. That said, I can't wait to try the elk and lamb and the smoked fish ( can you get applewood here?). Burnt Ends sound great too. And since Mrs. Crew is on the diet, she overlooked the peach cobbler and banana pudding :(

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          1. re: crewsweeper

            crewsweeper...I am the owner/pit master. I only use pecan wood. Ask for Brian when you stop in.

            1. re: browe

              I looked at your website, but didn't see the elk, lamb or fish that crewsweeper mentioned.
              Are these items in the works for the future? If so, you might tempt me to make a 3 hour detour on my next trip to Fl.!

              1. re: meatn3

                The website is being updated as we speak. The elk, lamb, fish, etc will be on special "theme" nights.

          2. I tried the the three meat combo.

            The ribs were tender, a little fatty, with good smoke flavor. The new vinegar based sauce had a little bite, and was a good complement to the ribs.

            The brisket was also tender. It had a good smoke ring, about a quarter inch deep. Good flavor.

            The white meat chicken quarter was tender and moist. I would have liked the skin to be a little crispier.

            Overall, a good meal.

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            1. re: gmc251

              My girlfriend and I wanted to try the new place. We came in over the weekend for dinner. The staff was pleasant and very welcoming. With regards to the food, there were just a couple things I thought mentioning. As noted above about the bun, if you decide to keep that size bun perhaps toasting it would be a nice option? The pulled pork that evening was a little on the dry side. Brisket was good, but would have liked a more smokey flavor. Mac and Chesse, chessy garlic biscuit and sweet potato casorole were very good. The baked beans lacked some flavor, tasted like they came from a can vs. home made. We know you are just starting out, and it is certainly nice to have a new BBQ place in the area. We will certainly come back, but most likely for lunch...which I'm sure you are swamped at that time.
              All the best with the new place.

              1. re: chowhound72

                Try the beans again when you come in as I changed them tonight. I think you will like them better.

                In regards to the bun, I have two more types coming that I will get feedback on.

                Sorry you thought the pork was dry. If you could see the moisture in them when I am pulling them you would wonder how they could be dry.

            2. Second try today at lunch. Brisket a little fatty, but good. String beans and "baked potato" salad good as well. Had a vinegar sauce along with a hot sauce from the back and together they were great. Sampled two desserts: pecan pie pudding (too much bread for me; Prefer the plain ole pie) and some great "nanner pudding." Friend with me said the baked beans were good as well as the pulled pork sandwich. Still have to try the chicken. Talked with the owner; he listens and is eager for comments and triyng hard. My biggest "complaint" is lack of hickory smoke flavor, just a very mild pecan smoking.

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              1. re: steakman55

                Thanks again for chatting today. The "fatty" part of the brisket to me is heaven. When my carvers are carving and get to that part of the brisket, I try to remind them to ask the customer if they like that part or the more traditional flat part. I've been surprised by the amount of people asking for the cap.

                Next time I will get you the Texas Sheet Cake. Yummy!