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Sep 2, 2009 02:48 PM

Indian Sweets. What's the inside scoop? There's like 50 and I have no idea what to get.

Admittedly I've never been that appreciative of indian sweets. I've tried the orange flat squiggly things, and some kinda breaded balls in sweet liquid.. Various others. But they've never really wowed me.

I do *love* the carrot and raisin dessert you get with a thali though.. Mmmmm.

I usually go to Kwality Sweets at Steeles and.... Steeles and.... yeah.

They have a long counter with tons of these things stacked on top of each other, but I really have no idea what to get and end up getting more savoury stuff instead.


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  1. chocolate barfi is my fave.

    1. Milk Cakes are good too. The breaded balls in sweet liquid is called Gulab Jaman which is also good. Depends on what type of sweets you like the ones that originate out of Punjab are usually the more syrup ones if you want more dryer ones there are pandas, barfi, kaju rolls (made out of pistachio).

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        There is another kind of "breaded ball in sweet liquid", it's milky white in colour, call "ras malai" - cheeseballs in cream. It's my favouritest Indian dessert!

        Barfi (or burfi, if you think that's too weird a name) are the hard, coloured squares. I like the pistachio and the carrot ones. Other flavours are chocolate as mentioned, mango, cashew, almond, etc. You can ask what flavours there are, or get one of each to try.

        Kheer which is rice pudding is also good. And kulfi which is ice cream-like is very enjoyable in the summer; again pistachio is my fave.

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          falooda is usually rose syrup, ice cream, vermicelli, tapioca seeds, and milk.

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            i only like the balls in syrup (that sounded very bad) and rice pudding.
            everything else is either too sweet or too nutty for me.

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          1. I don't really like the ones you describe either, nor other ones that are flavoured with rose water (been eating it since I was a kid but never developed a taste for it I guess). But I do like barfi on occasion, particularly pistachio. It's not overly sweet. Still not something I crave though, even though my Mom thinks it's all delicious so I've grown up eating it - we're not Indian, but went to Gerrard St frequently.

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              its very hard finding a sweets place in scarborough or t.o that sells kheer. either the rice or vermicelli version. i only find it at buffet restos dessert section. guy at a sweets shop told me that its doesnt last very long before it goes bad and demand isnt there to make big enuff batch. he did say he can make me a special order but i want to find a place where i can just walk in.

              1. re: mightykc

                I've never seen a sweet shop that sells kheer. Your best bet is maybe an indian grocery store.

            2. Mistaan 460 McNicoll
              The website says it all. Go & try different barfis - my favourites.