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Sep 2, 2009 02:19 PM

have a craving for a lemon cupcake

just had my husband bring me back the best lemon cupcake w/ lemon buttercream frosting from seattle's "cupcake royale" shop.

any recs for a lemon cupcake in austin? i don't mind if it's combined w/ coconut...
don't want it too lemony

had one at polka dots--good but too much frosting and too lemony

any recs would be appreciated

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  1. Jack's Lemon cupcake from Sugar Mama's. It's lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting. I usually don't go for the buttercream (I'm a cream cheese frosting lover), but it's delicious. Lemony, tart and sweet.

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      I second Jack's lemon at Sugar Mamas.

    2. well i tried jack's lemon from sugar mama's, but i was disappointed, sadly. was really hoping for a lighter crumb and less lemony flavor! but i was fairly warned! I do love their other cupcakes though--like the pineapple upside down cake! YUM