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Sep 2, 2009 02:11 PM

Lunch suggestions for Bath & Boothbay Harbor

Oops. Posted this on the wrong board! Ignore unless you have some ideas. Thanks, and sorry.

'll be pasing through Bath for lunch this Sunday, coming up from Maryland, and staying in Boothbay for a few nights. Was thinking about Solo Bistro, but they don't appear to be open for lunch. Any lunch suggestions ifor Bath? I'll be with my great aunt who isn't the most adventurous eater, but I think she would like Solo Bistro or something along those lines.

For Boothbay, sans great aunt, I was planning on Ports of Italy. Liked it a lot when I was there several years ago. The owner had home made lemoncello which was a nice capper to the meal. Any other places I shouldn't miss in/around Boothbay?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Ports of Italy. My favorite for lobster and clams is always Robinson's, but the Lobster Dock is also very good. Dutton's is a little stand with good fried food and hot dogs. Spruce Point Inn is a beautiful setting and there's a house-converted to a lunch place at the end of the main drag that I really like, can't remember the name now though.

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      Funny you should mention it; I'll be saying at the Spruce Point Inn.

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        I got married at Spruce Point Inn, so I have a strong attachment to it, even though I don't remember much about the food :) Oh, and I love the ice cream from the place downtown . . . can't remember the name of that either, but I think it's the only one and there's always a long line so just follow the crowd . . .

    2. Bath, Boothbay and Beyond?

      sorry I'll go away now. no wonder even the SO ignores me.

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      1. I passed through Boothbay this summer. We had dinner at the Thistle Inn. It was pretty good. We also ate at a place that had a boat as bar (don't remember the name). I can't recommend - I am sure that was what gave us made us sick!