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Sep 2, 2009 01:44 PM

Recommendations for Newburyport lunch/brunch this weekend?

We're going to be in Newburyport on Sunday and looking for good place for brunch or lunch. Preferably brunch. We'd like to stay away from the Grog and Michael's. Any thoughts? 10 Center does brunch, and the menu looks good but a bit pricey. We'll may end up there but thought we'd see if anyone has other suggestions.

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  1. I like the Rockfish on State Street. Check and see if they do brunch - I imagine they do since we have eaten there twice on the late end of lunch. I love their food - was skeptical at first, but everything I have eaten there has been good and fresh. Seafood is their strong point, and every oyster, lobster and piece of fish we've had has been top notch! Nice service.

    1. David's Tavern in the Garrison Inn has brunch. I have never been to brunch there, but I have had dinner there several times and the food has always been good IMHO.

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        Went to David's for brunch once, with a coupon. That brunch solidified my thought that if a place has to offer a coupon, it probably isn't worth it! Very ordinary, not so fresh or hot, french toast, scrambled eggs.... (we had two coupons, and tried to take a friend with us. She flat out refused, saying she had been there once before....) Note that this was Sunday brunch - dinner might be better!