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Sep 2, 2009 01:42 PM

955 Ukiah Street Restaurant in Mendocino?

Hi there- I was perusing the board in search for dining recommendations for when we are in Mendocino next month (Visiting Northern CA from Boston), and I found a place online that I was wondering if anyone had any intel on. I searched the board, but no luck.

The place is 955 Ukiah Street Restaurant, it's in Mendocino, and here's the website:

Anyone have any reports? Just curious. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, no personal knowledge, but these 2 are highly touted on Trip Advisor.
    Mendocino Cafe
    Cafe Beaujolais

    1. Good things have been said about 955 Ukiah Street. For a very special meal, try Le Petite Rive two miles south of Mendocino [and book in advance!!!!!] or Rendezvous Inn twelve miles north of Mendocino.

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        Now in 2013 La Petite Rive and Rendezvous Inn are both closed.