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Need help! Cocktail party for 90ish in October

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Looking for a venue for a cocktail party for about 90 people on (of all nights) October 31st. Not because it's Halloween, but because that is the date that works for the conference.

We've looked into the art museum and the children's museum but both are too expensive, plus may not be the type of venue we are truly looking for. Would like something with a more "Boston" feel to it. The budget isn't small, it's just that the site fees for these places are very high.

Have thought about Drink, but don't know if they do private parties or if they would have one on the 31st, need to give them a call today, but am looking for alternate ideas!

The conference is being held at the Westin Boston Waterfront and we'd like to do something off property but accessible by foot or transit (if possible).

Time is of the essence, we need to get this booked asap!

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. I know it's bad form to give this a bump, but I'm desparate for locations and Google maps can only tell me so much! Hoping for some good tips, haven't yet heard back from Drink.

    Thanks again!

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      The State Room, a function facility atop 60 State St, might work. Next to Faneuil Hall and has terrific views.

    2. The Intercontinental has a private room off of RumBa. It might be tight for 90, but the space itself (called the Champagne Room??) is awesome. Deep red, beautiful lighting. It's really spectacular.

      1. you can rent the old south meeting house.


        great historic building in the heart of the city. good luck!

        1. the new england aquarium, the ica and the boston atheneum all rent for functions.

          1. Thanks all! Will start checking them out right now, appreciate the help immensely!

            1. Consider second floor room at Royal Sonesta looking out ontp the Charles. Convinient to Boston, parking and, if its a full moon, great perspective looking towards city.

              1. The Hampshire House has a lovely space on the top floor that overlooks the Boston Public Garden. I had a seated wedding for 50 there, but should be just right for 90 for cocktails. And if anyone wants to indulge in a cheesy Boston landmark, Cheers is right downstairs.

                1. Located near your hotel is the Seaport World Trade Center which may have some smaller venues for cocktail parties. www.bostonusa.com
                  The venue would reflect Boston and its harborfront/seafood locale.

                  I do not know if they do events or have private function rooms, but you will be two blocks away from Harpoon Brewery, a local Boston beer company. That would be different and fun.

                  Also, a block or two away is the dock for the Odessey (sp?) Cruise Ship. They do dinner cruises and would be a nice cruise around Boston Harbor. The food sometimes gets mixed reviews, and maybe there is someone who has tried it recently that could weigh in. Also not sure if it will be running in late October.

                  It is not that convenient to where you are located, but the Constitution Museum in the Charlestown Navy Yard holds events and would be unique and definitely reflect the character and history of Boston in its setting in the historic Navy Yard next to Old Ironsides.