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Help a nerd find a really cool restaurant bar in the Village/Soho-ish

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  • vvv03 Sep 2, 2009 01:21 PM
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Friends are visiting NYC from Rome and they want to meet us for drinks on Sunday late afternoon somewhere in Manhattan. I used to know the scene, but now I have two kids and live in Brooklyn so I am largely out of the loop. I'm looking for a bar that has great drinks and a good atmosphere/scene. Extra points for trendy but not in an annoying way, if that makes sense. I put Village/Soho in the title to narrow it down a bit, but actually we're flexible on the neighborhood.


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  1. If you don't mind the potential for bad service, I'd recommend The Standard Grill. Grab a table al fresco and enjoy the day...I hear the weather's supposed to be nice.
    Another spot that may work is Cafe Gitane.


    1. Freeman's might fit your criteria. http://freemansrestaurant.com/Restaur...

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        We went to Freeman's for drinks on your suggestion and LOVED it. Perfect suggestion. Thanks so much!

      2. I don't know how late in the afternoon you'll be drinking but Tailor will be open at 5. They have a great bar program, can't vouch for the scene that early on a Sunday.