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Sep 2, 2009 12:49 PM

Dinner with mom who is staying on the UES and a good friend my age (25)


So tomorrow night my mom is coming into the city and we had planned on going to see Hair and then a relaxing dinner, but my friend is going through some difficult times and needs a friend so we've nixed the show and are just doing dinner. I really wanted to do Marea, but looking at the menu with all the entrees being 35+ it just seems like a lot to ask of my mother...I have a job, but she will be treating...

also I want something that isn't too loud, but has a nice atmosphere, not too stuffy and with a good crowd

some of the places my mother and I have been to and love are la goulue - i have been going since i can remember -- sooo sad they are closed until they find a new place..

orsay, lure fishbar (ie doesn't HAVE to be on the UES, but gramercy and above would be ideal and no UWS), centolire, nonni, capitale grill midtown (close to my office),

any suggestions would be great!!

also tried to get a reservation at scarpetta but they only had 10pm available


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  1. You're a good friend! You may want to consider:
    A Voce
    Fig & Olive

    1. Spigolo at 81st and 2nd- delicious food, cozy atmosphere.

      Also, for the older crowd, Square Meal- 92nd and Madison- just opened up a lovely outdoor dining space in back; all enclosed so its quiet and the furniture is brand spankin new, so clean and comfortable. And its BYOB if your friend needs some liquid consolation

      1. i second Fig & Olive and add Mia Dona.