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Sep 2, 2009 12:43 PM

Dinner near Nissan Pavilion

Can anyone recommend a decent place for dinner on the way from Tysons Corner or near the Pavilion

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  1. Stop at Tysons and enjoy dinner. I know of nothing in the vicinity of NP worth while. Plus, traffic congestion to get into the shed parking lot is a nightmare. Better plan on plenty of extra time waiting on two lane blacktop (after exiting 66) before being able to park.

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      I agree there is not much in Manassas but there are some options outside of Tyson's. There are a couple GAR restaurants on the way in Fairfax(Coastal Flats) and Centreville (Sweetwater). Or you could try Blue Iguana in Fairfax. There are also a ton of chains out that way if you aren't adverse to those types of restaurants.

    2. Define "decent", please.

      My tastes run to ... oops! I was gonna say "Catfish Lewie's" in Haymarket but it seems to have closed.

      All-rightie-then ... how about Ethiopian?

      Zed's in Gainesville

      1. We are foodies but are willing to do anything where we can get a glass of wine and pretty good food. Not Outback steak or chains like that. i know it is a chain never been but someone said Bonefish grill good. Is it?

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          I've seen positive comments. My single experience: TGI Fridays except with fish.

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            Never been to Bonefish, but did you know that it is owned by the same restaurant group as is your beloved Outback?

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              Figures!! Can't wait to see Jimmy Buffett but that place sounds like a royal hassle to get to and have a decent meal before. We are staying at the Ritz in Tysons so we won't have to drive all the way home.

          2. If I had to go to Nissan Pavilion, I would probably stop for dinner at Panino in Manassas. The food is good, the location not so much. Breakout your Mapquest and take the backroads to the pavilion and avoid a mess o' traffic.


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              This place got a few good reviews on Yelp:


              It looks like it is just a little farther out than Bonefish on 29. Nearly everything out near Nissan is sited in one brand new strip mall or another, so most of your choices are the chains. Have fun at the concert--get there early--Nissan is a hassle to get in and out of!

            2. The traffic is so horrible around there anyway, perhaps you should consider a picnic dinner in the car while waiting in the lines of traffic or eat in Tyson. Blue Ridge Seafood is the most authentically local place. I am not a seafood person, but I have passed it hundreds of times and it is still there. The reviews seem mostly pretty good. It is on the other side of the Pavilion on 29.

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                Well we ate at Sweetwaters were not expecting much but to our surprise it was pretty good. Really crowded when we were leaving. Garmin is terrible I guess because of all the construction found the Nissan parked in private parking right before the main grounds. It was great Porta Potty and all. Got out very quick right onto 66 headed back to the Ritz at Tysons where we stayed ordered room service at 11:25. Alll in all a great night thanks for all your suggestions will keep them in mind for the future