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Sep 2, 2009 12:39 PM

Santa Cruz - Any yummy, organic and possibly vegan eats you LOOOVE?

We will be in Santa Cruz next week (a couple and a toddler), and would love to find some healthy eats, preferably organic (but not required), is there some place you just love for lunch and dinner?

Thanks kindly!
Happy chowing . . . .

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  1. Hope this is not too late for you, but I recently had dinner at Charlie Hong Kong that would probably fit the bill. This is not a sit-down restaurant but a casual, noisy joint without table service. There are a lot of vegan options for you here. Personally, it wasn't my thing but my sister loves the place. I've had much better renditions of the items elsewhere. Note that this isn't "authentic" (whatever that means these days) food, but Asian food with a California spin on it. And judging from the lack of available parking in the parking lot and the huge lines, a lot of other people think so as well. Prices are really cheap -- both of us were stuffed for less than $20.

    1. Pls try Dharma's in Capitola or Black Beach on Soquel Av for organic treats. There's also Asian Rose on River St that serves up Sri Lankan veggie fare that's quite tasty.

      1. Just for the record, Saturn Cafe and Chill Out Cafe are both great destinations for organic/vegan/veggie options.