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Sep 2, 2009 12:34 PM

Best Catering In NOLA Area?

Fellow Hounds,

I'm the head of the Christmas party planning committee for the US Navy's Fleet Survey Team out of Stennis Space Center. Right now, I have a budget of $800-$900 to feed roughly 60 people. Can anyone provide a decent list of 5-6 caterers who can turn out delicious food that will work with this tiny budget?

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  1. Wow. 15 bucks a head. Sorry, but I have no idea. Good luck. Maybe Roly Poly?

    1. I think you can get a fajita bar type set up from Izzo's for that price and they are really good.

      1. I can give you one: email with for great food on a tight budget

        1. If you're in Stennis, look for someone in BSL/Waveland. The travel & set-up time from
          NOLA alone would eat up your budget. That being said possibilities are: Plauche's Steamer up N of 10 on 607 towards Camp Salmen - New Orleans family, great fresh seafood; The Mockingbird Cafe in BSL by St. Stanislaus - although they are spotty on service; Trapani's on HWY 90 in BSL. If you want to cross the Bay bridge, there's Lizzie's, Lucio's and Shaggy's in Pass Christian that do catering to some degree. If you're doing this @ Stennis, make that VERY clear as everybody will have do some sort of ID check both personal and equipment/food items to get beyond the initial entry points to
          the base and that is often a problem for staff and not worth the bother for such a budget. The budget is really to limited to do very much beyond some sort of minimal buffet that is set out with no service personnell. Unless you want to find someone who views doing this as their pro-bono for the military.

          IMO the best caterer in NOLA is Joel's.

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            Second Joel. Didn't mention it because of the cost.

          2. Sammy's on Elysian Fields has a great looking catering menu - their lunches are affordable, large, rich and wonderful - and are small enough where they would probably work with you on something custom to your budget...