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Boynton - Ft. Lauderdale FUN & DELICIOUS FOR 15 crazy women?

Out is Cafe Martorano and anything TOO expensive. DESPERATE for suggestions!! Cabana El Ray is a possibility, but their private room is booked so far.

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  1. After the excellent chowdown we had at Bamboo Fire (Delray), I booked it for my group of 20 crazy women. They will do a fixed price menu for you. The restaurant is small so you will have it entirely to yourselves. I can't say enough about the hospitality of the owners or the food (you can read about it all in other threads). The only down side is that there is no hard alcohol, just some wine and beer. I may be one who booked Cabana's private room as I use it frequently for small group meetings :-)

    1. You might be able to get one of the rooms at DaDa (Delray) for yourself. One block awat, the outside courtyard at Tryst could be another option - especially as we cool off a bit and rainy season winds down (mid to late October). It's very nice at night and definitely close to lots of "action".

      1. I second Bamboo Fire The place is great and the food is better. small cozy and great.

        1. I SO appreciate the suggestions, thank you guys SO much - but.....Bamboo Fire is not what they are looking for I don't think. They want that hip, loud, party atmosphere - WITH great food. ??? Any MORE suggestions?!? Thank you!!

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            what about Gol on Atlantic in Delray, just have the salad/veggie buffet at $25 a head cos if you add the meat it's $40 a head. They are always doing specials so it might be worth calling the owner and see if he'll fix you a price.

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              maybe Max's Grille in Mizner park? Food's good, lively crowd, good drinks, and priced right for your group especially with summer deals being offered now. http://www.maxsgrille.com/home.htm

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                That's a great idea. If you go on a Wednesday, they have a weekly event called Winemaker Wednesdays. $20 and you taste 4 or 5 wines, unlimited pours all night. Yes, all you can drink! Then you can order tapas or appetizers.

                Last time I was there for that, they had wines from Silverado winery. They pour really good ones. Also, they have 50% off all bottles of wine every day.

                They have all kinds of specials going on. http://www.maxsgrille.com/home.htm

            2. Bostons upstairs is also fun, they will work with you for a fixed price menu and you can sit outside with a reservation.

              1. HAHA! You guys are going to be DONE with me - I keep finding something wrong with every suggestion! :o( GOL looked really promising but there are just too many bad reviews out there for me to trust it. The bride has gone thru a few family tragedies in the last 2 monts, and she needs a really fun night out. SO - I keep searching for FUN atmosphere, with GOOD food. Max's seems promising too - but everywhere stresses that it's an older crowd, and these girls are 20 somethings. If I can get the reservation outside - then it's either Max's or Cabana El Rey. Any other suggestions out there? Funny, that the perfect place that has it all is SO hard to find!!

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                  Ok. I'll take one more stab at it. Because my 20's were a long, long time ago, I may fail yet again! How about Taverna Opa in Ft. Lauderdale. Definitely a fun place. I can't vouch for the food personally as I"m not a fan of Greek food, but I think this might work for you. Also, just about any restaurant up and down Atlantic Ave. in Delray should work, perhaps Vic and Angelos? They are even on the Flavors of Palm Beach (the Palm Beach equivalent of Miami Spice) is so you can get a good deal right now.

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                    I second Vic and Angelo's - before 6.30 drinks and apps are half price. It's the hip and happening place on Atlantic right now

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                      Thank you, thank you...yep those would be GREAT places. But.....:o) Soph works next door to Vic and Angelo's on PGA Blvd so goes there for lunch alot...Aaaaaaaaand Taverna Opa opened in Cityplace and they've all been there too. In their words "we don't want to go somewhere we could go anytime for a birthday dinner or something, we want it to be 'special' " IF it were that easy, that I could pick a place in West Palm, I'd do Carousel Can Can - sounds fun, hip and I like the menu.

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                        Uncle! I fold. I give up! I tried!

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                    After a few family tragedies in the last 2 months it pretty well shocks me that people would be wanting to go out and drink alcohol and party loud. Perfect recipe for another tragedy, in my opinion.
                    Oh, I know how people react when I say things like this, so I expect to get slammed for it, but it remains the truth despite any denial and argument you can reply with.

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                      on no, I completely understand, but they rented a limo, and no one will be driving and believe me, these girls aren't the "girls gone wild" types; they are new moms, and hard working girls. It's not a "loud" party they are looking for - just not a quiet, formal dining room. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, it's been a big help, I appreciate it.

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                        I am really glad to hear that (!!!) and I wish you all a super-good time out together! :-) Thanks......

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                      I stand by my recos of DaDa or Tryst courtyard!

                      Would be curious to hear what you thought was "wrong" with these ideas, just out of curiosity.

                      This might help us find you "the perfect place".

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                        Soph had been to Dada with her previous boyfriend a few times, and I think she thought it was too casual, not really sure, she was the one that nixed that, not me! I don't remember looking at Tryst??? I'll have to do that!! BUT....I have good news haha! We went to the dress fitting in Deerfield last night so decided to stop by Cabana - oh my gosh, we fell in love with it!! First, the menu fits what her menu is in Key West, second, the private room is GORGEOUS!!! I love that it's not too far from the bar so you don't feel sequestered from the restaurant. And the food, the seared shrimp, scallop salad with avocado's and tomatoes was delicous and the guava mojito's too - even though I'm not crazy about sweet drinks. THAT said, the gold sangria was to die for, champagne, brandy, and whatever else was in it that I can't remember... was delicious without being too fruity. (And when you're done, you have all that fresh fruit to eat!) She got the seviche and loved it, hmmmm....it was good, but I like that tart citrus flavor to a raw seviche, theirs is cooked slightly due to safety issues. We might not get the private room, it's currently booked but the manager is bending over backwards to help accomodate us, everyone was super friendly and helpful. Sophia was thrilled, she said "it's PERFECT, you did a good job!" Our only argument, was I want to pre-order, family style for the table and she thinks everyone should order themselves, 4 people to a check. My point is I want to taste a little of more, not order one or two things, right?!?!

                        Thanks everyone for suggestions; it was only due to this site that I found the perfect place. :o)

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                          I have been to Cabana at least a dozen times and you can ask them to do something like mixed apps for the table so that you get to share those and then go ahead and order your own mains. BTW in a large group with check splitting I might suggest that each of you set up your own drinks tab at the bar so that the non and light drinkers don't get saddled with 'splitting' the dinner checks with the heavy cocktail drinkers.

                    3. What about Yolo on Las Olas? They have a private room you might be able to get. Great cocktails and fairly reasonable prices. The crowd there can get a bit older, especially earlier in the night but, if you had the private room it might not matter.

                      1. Got one for ya. Check out the website for Lips in FLL.


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                          This does look really, really fun - but...we're sold on Cabana! Thank you!

                        2. You can check out Bar Louie in Boynton Bch, Great Apps, cheap, and designed for everyone to share, we dont even bother with the main courses... Great Happy hour deals also

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                            Thank you, I'll check this out for myself, I work in west Lake Worth, at Chase Bank, and we're always looking for a good happy hour after very, very, very stress filled days!