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Sep 2, 2009 12:05 PM

Boynton - Ft. Lauderdale FUN & DELICIOUS FOR 15 crazy women?

Out is Cafe Martorano and anything TOO expensive. DESPERATE for suggestions!! Cabana El Ray is a possibility, but their private room is booked so far.

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  1. After the excellent chowdown we had at Bamboo Fire (Delray), I booked it for my group of 20 crazy women. They will do a fixed price menu for you. The restaurant is small so you will have it entirely to yourselves. I can't say enough about the hospitality of the owners or the food (you can read about it all in other threads). The only down side is that there is no hard alcohol, just some wine and beer. I may be one who booked Cabana's private room as I use it frequently for small group meetings :-)

    1. You might be able to get one of the rooms at DaDa (Delray) for yourself. One block awat, the outside courtyard at Tryst could be another option - especially as we cool off a bit and rainy season winds down (mid to late October). It's very nice at night and definitely close to lots of "action".

      1. I second Bamboo Fire The place is great and the food is better. small cozy and great.

        1. I SO appreciate the suggestions, thank you guys SO much - but.....Bamboo Fire is not what they are looking for I don't think. They want that hip, loud, party atmosphere - WITH great food. ??? Any MORE suggestions?!? Thank you!!

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            what about Gol on Atlantic in Delray, just have the salad/veggie buffet at $25 a head cos if you add the meat it's $40 a head. They are always doing specials so it might be worth calling the owner and see if he'll fix you a price.

            1. re: mzmowie

              maybe Max's Grille in Mizner park? Food's good, lively crowd, good drinks, and priced right for your group especially with summer deals being offered now.

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                That's a great idea. If you go on a Wednesday, they have a weekly event called Winemaker Wednesdays. $20 and you taste 4 or 5 wines, unlimited pours all night. Yes, all you can drink! Then you can order tapas or appetizers.

                Last time I was there for that, they had wines from Silverado winery. They pour really good ones. Also, they have 50% off all bottles of wine every day.

                They have all kinds of specials going on.

            2. Bostons upstairs is also fun, they will work with you for a fixed price menu and you can sit outside with a reservation.