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Cambridge Pizza Delivery

We used to depend on Il Panino for pizza/subs/calzone delivery. Now that they are gone we are at a loss. Where do fellow Cambridge folk get pizza?

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  1. City Slicker! I only order the small (the crispy, crackery crust stays crisp across the whole diameter), and the dough's unlike anything else in the area, but it's all I ever order, pizza-wise. I go with the cheese, but many CHers like the City Grrl with gorg.

    1. I like the aforementioned city slicker (fan of the bacon cheeseburger w/ a side of chipotle mayo). I've also been digging Beauty's of late.

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        Good to know about City Slicker and Beauty's. I lived in an Il Panino-centric world also and need to re-group!

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          Cambridge pizza delivery is a grim scene. In my recent experiences, Beauty's is only marginally better than the average pie - not nearly enough to justify the higher price point. If in that area, take-out from Emma's (about the same cost) is definitely a better bag. The Turkish-run pizzerias (Kiraz, Dilara, Anatolia) are fairly generic and all decent but never great, a bit better than the Greek ones (X House of Pizza, Stefanis). Will have to try City Slicker (and City Girl, too). What I consider the best pizza places in Cambridge (Angleo's, Armando's, Pinocchio's) do not deliver, and Pini's in Somerville does not deliver to Cambridge (and it is also widely agreed that their eat-in or carry out pies are mysteriously much better than their delivery pies).

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            See other posts for detailed descriptions of the city slicker pizza, which is pretty different than other pizza options I've seen (anywhere). It is pretty oily and crisp, not bready. More like a big, flat crouton disk than a flatbread.

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              This is certainly true about City Slicker crust! Your description is dead on. Yeesh, have to say, I'm not a fan of it. Finally tried it last night. It was SO oily and yet not very flavorful. And the crust was so crisped you kinda couldn't eat it. It had morfed from "crisp" to "hockey puck." I'll have to try to Beauty's next... and then Dial-A-Pizza! The search continues.... :)

              City Slicker Cafe
              588 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

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              For generic cheap and cheerful pizza that's maybe better than most of its kind: Dial-a-Pizza.

              At City Slicker I'm a fan of the surf and turf (shrimp and bacon) and the buffalo chicken.

              In our house, it is always a toss up between City Slicker and Dial-a-Pizza.

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                I used to be a D-A-P fan for exactly the reason you state, but over the last few years I've really come to not like it. Not sure if they've changed or I have, but something changed.

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                  I agree - it used to be surprisingly good, but lately it seems to be missing something.

        2. Beauty's or Stefani's (ok, it's junky but kids like it) for delivery, Pinocchio's to pick up--that's totally worth it.

          1. Due to the fact that we don't like cornmeal on the crust or a thick crust we tend to get delivery from Cinderella's. Not the best but it's quick, cheap, and open late. Been meaning to get a pie from Basta but they don't do delivery.

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              pizza is my least favorite option at Basta - not because it's unpleasant, but because I haven't found it much different than some other options nearby. YMMV, but don't expect the transcendent experience you'd find in the marsala.

            2. Cinderella's for me. Its' quality is not *exceptional*, but the delivery is very fast (to Cambridgeport at least), very reliable, and the quality of the pizza is good. Again, though, it is pretty standard (if quality) pizza. It's not neapolitan or anything fabulous. So I'm looking forward to trying some of the other places that get mentioned here.

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                In terms of places that deliver, I don't think there are any transcendent type places that deliver to the c-port/central sq/mid-cambridge area ... so I wouldn't expect anything remarkably better than cinderellas (but 'different than cinderellas' is true, so it would depend on personal tastes)

              2. I know it's controversial on this board, but I've been pleased with delivery from Upper Crust. I ordered a small "Fenway" the other night (sausage, onion and peppers -- I had them use banana peppers instead of bell peppers), and I thought it was pretty good. Even better, though, was the leftovers heated up in the toaster oven the next day!

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                  Cosign on Upper Crust. I'm not sure what the controversy is but for my money it's one top 3 pizzas I've had in Boston. The crust is fairly thin and consistently charred but thankfully not crackery (I'm looking at you Emma's, blech). Also VERY chewy, which I love. Not quite New Haven Apizza chew level, but on the way. The roughly chopped tomato took a little getting used to, but I'm actually starting to like it. Definitely my favorite delivery pizza in the area thus far, though I have more to try.

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                    By coincidence my daughter wanted pizza tonight, so we ordered in from Upper Crust. Rather than eat it straight out of the box, I put a few slices in a 400 degree toaster oven for just a few minutes, and the result was great.

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                      I do the same thing, but when I order it, I ask them not to slice it, so I can slide the whole thing in the oven for a few minutes. Makes a big difference!

                2. I know its been panned here sometimes but La hacienda in Somerville has started delivery. BUT I think its only if you order a lot like a big office luncheon or party. I think their pizza is some of the best around! Of course washing it down with a pitcher of beer completes the vibe!

                  1. Would love some updated recs! We're out by Alewife and can't seem to get good pizza delivered to us!

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                      Ma Magoo's is OK. Let me know if you find better.

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                        I'm pretty sure Area Four delivers out there with diningin.com

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                          Which technically means that DiningIn is delivering, not A4.

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                            Fair enough... Point being, a pizza from A4 will arrive at your front door courtesy of a food delivery professional.

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                          Armando's now delivers, and Stella's in Watertown has good thin-crust pies, although they're best straight out of the oven. I haven't tried it since it moved to Cambridge, but I used to like Pizza Pie-er as well.

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                            2nd Armandos. It is the best in the area.

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                              Thanks -- we've heard great things about Armando's and thought they hadn't delivered -- didn't realize they now do! Here's hoping they come to me!