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Sep 2, 2009 11:15 AM

Does anybody know good Vietnamese restaurant?

I'm looking for Vietnamese restaurant who serves variety of finger food / appetizer as part of their menu. I'm into dim sum/ tapas like small dishes. But most of the places I go only have hand full of those. I don't mind going to little Saigon, if I have to. Money is no objection as long as they satisfy me. I can eat everything except very wired item. I want to try unique item rather than ordinary egg roll etc. Can anybody help?

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  1. Xanh has some small-plates. 16161 Brookhurst, in the back corner of the plaza.

    Not a restaurant but perhaps you should try Huong Huong Food To Go on Westminster Blvd. near Brookhurst. Lots of that sort of thing.

    Also, most of the "cafes" (which are really, um, aimed at men -- skimpily-clad waitresses, etc.) will have small plates for you to nosh on. The idea is you go with friends and you "nhau" (eat, drink, shoot the @$#%).

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      I "know someone" who has been to several cafes in the area and all they have is hot coffee, iced coffee, free iced tea and various smoothies including my favorite, coconut, which at one place is served in a coconut. I have yet to find one that sells food. Friends rave about the avocado smoothies.

      1. re: GoodEatz

        Coconut Smoothie! Served in a coconut! WHERE?

        1. re: sel

          My friend got his at Cafe Lu on McFadden and Harbor Blvd.

      2. re: Das Ubergeek

        Thank you. I go with my wife so I had to skip skimply-chad waitress place ha ha. Interesting though hmmm BT

      3. Vietnamese food doesn't really have that much of a selection in terms of dim sum/tapas-like dishes.