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Sep 2, 2009 10:55 AM

Corkage in Calgary

I've found scattered references around the Chowhound forums to Calgary restaurants that offer free corkage on selected days, but thought it would be useful to have a single forum for updated lists (more recent than this, from 2006: <> ).

Here are a few to start:

River Cafe
Saint Germain


Big Fish
Diner Deluxe

Rasoi Kitchen

The ALGC also has this searchable database:

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  1. St. Germain has free corkage every day not just Sunday.

    1. So does Belvedere.

      1. This is a great idea. I actually think that restaurants don't truly want to participate in the BYOW idea. The few times I've brought my own bottle, some restaurants didn't seem that thrilled (Laurier, Open Range & Bolero). The hostess at Laurier was actually very confused about the whole concept.

        I was just at FARM on Monday and I had no idea it was free corkage night. Nothing was posted, nothing was said.

        Calgary is a long ways from other cities like Montreal, on the BYOW concept.

        1. Add Q Haute (formerly La Caille) to the free corkage on Sundays.

          1. Don't forget Teatro on Sunday (atleast they used to offer this).