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Sep 2, 2009 10:36 AM


Anyone know who sells Saugy dogs in the Providence area? Love them but refuse to pay as much as their website wants for them and hope to be able to find them in a Supermarket...thanks!

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  1. I have seen them is Stop and Shop in the deli section. You like them??. They are terrible try the natural casing Boars Head sold in the deli section also. Saugy was made in R.I. now made in either Ma or NH.

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      Thanks for the scoop about Stop & Shop...I've tried the Boars Head; they're good, but I actually think the Saugies are better

      1. re: hobie

        They are co packed in Mass. The old Saugys had some small smoke spots on them that was the flavor concept. Old Neighborhood Meats seemed to have lost that little flavor profile.

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          Thanks HOBIE! As for the prices shown on the website....that includes shipping overnight via: FedEx...that is the bulk of the cost, you can email SAUGY@COX.NET supply your zip code and I can figure a price for you. If it is less than what is sh0own on the website than that is what you would be charged...if it comes out to be more you WILL NOT be charged more.

      2. What I really miss is the original company's Buckies. The new company makes a larger one but it does not compare. Clambakes will never be the same without them.

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          SAUGY BUCKIES are now being sold by LINCOLN 943-0878 ask for Don.

        2. though i hate myself a little for it, i do run down to the priceright at eagle square for staples. they have a great deal on saugie's by the case (i'm not sure how many links but i wanna say 5 lbs?) for like, 6 or 7 bucks. also they sell them frozen so you can grab 'em out of the freezer at will... they are the real deal saugies, trust me i've suffered the quality testing.

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          1. re: sarabean

            don't hate yourself....I love Price Rite for staples just as much as I love Whole Foods(sale items only!) and Trader Joe's. I got some very good wild salmon at Price Rite on Bald Hill Rd.....seared quickly on stovetop with capers and balsamic with easy summer supper. Value Price Rite for what is is and save a little!

            1. re: colby54

              wow! the seafood dept at the prov store usually smells like low tide, though they do carry some good iqf frozen products. i have figured out how to work the right angles and saved a bunch in some places. if you're in warwick area, have you tried dave's marketplace for seafood? i swear by theirs. i drive up to cumberland.their fish is always top notch.

          2. Shaws sells them as well.

            1. My favorite deli carries them - they're in Warwick - it's The Food Chalet, they're on Post Road in can call them at 467-9169 (yeah, I place a lot of orders there, so I know their number by heart!)