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Sep 2, 2009 10:29 AM

Bleecker St restaurant w/back patio and WATERFALL?!?!?

I went to Le Poisson Rouge one night and stopped at a little place maybe on the next block. I can't recall the name, but it had a nice back patio with a waterfall. It had a great selection of burgers, pizza, and all sorts of other things.

Can anyone give any suggestions of what the name of this place may be?

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  1. Le Figaro? closed, i think....can anyone confirm?

    1. Is it a sushi or Japanese fusion restaurant? I vaguely remember passing it. Looked too hyped on the outside to be any good.

      1. I also think it might be Le Figaro Cafe. They used to be on corner of McDougal and closed. They have reopened nearby former location and have back patio with waterfall. Bleecker between Sullivan and McDougal.

        1. I've noticed that place too. I think it's called Cafe Cascada, if it's still there. I've never tried it, simply because I assume it's crap like so many restaurants right in that area!

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            I think the new Figaro took over Cafe Cascada's old space and waterfall.