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Sep 2, 2009 10:00 AM

Cherubini Donuts (Italian) in Tempe, AZ???

Has anyone tried Cherubini near McClintock and Broadway in Tempe. Went past it and saw that it said donuts... but also Italian!????

Any reviews!?

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  1. No, but I'm curious. If they have sfogliatelle, I'll be there at least once a week! Report back if you go.

    1. I stopped by here this morning. They offer coffee, doughnuts, and some hot breakfast items. For lunch they offer sanwhiches, paninis, and some salads.
      I can't figure out what the "Tuscanny Cafe" in their sign refers to.
      I had a doughnut & an iced mocha. Doughnut was good, mocha was just ok.
      Their free wi-fi isn't working yet.

      1. I stopped by this morning and enjoyed it. My husband and I tried some of their raised and cake donuts. The raised donuts are huge but the cake donuts are standard size. Everything was fresh and done well. The coffee was good too. They offer all the Starbuck's-type coffee drinks but their regular coffee was nice. It's really nice to see an alternative Dunkin around here. We'll be happy to come back. I hope they can make it.

        1. I went there after having lunch at Papaya Thai across the street. I got an iced coffee, which was very good, and a very nice donut with cherry icing. It was very tasty and different from the usual ol' donut. I also was greedy and tried the free sample of the donut with the crumb topping, which was also excellent.