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Sep 2, 2009 09:52 AM

Where can I buy unusual artisanal honey?

I'm looking to buy a gift for a friend who likes artisanal honey. I know you can buy certain varieties in gourmet stores, but I'm looking for something that's a bit more unusual. It could be local / regional, but it doesn't have to be. I'm also mailing this, so it would have to be packaged pretty well.

Any ideas?

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  1. Blue Ribbon Market. Years ago they discovered that the family of one of their workers raises their own bees for honey in Mexico. They now offer it retail via their website and their store. It's delicious.

    1. I think Union Square Greenmarket has a vendor that sells honey.

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        They do. I'm not sure how unusual it is but it's certainly delicious!

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          The vendor in Union Square (on Saturdays, for sure) sells several varieties of honey. I think you will have to package it for shipping yourself, though you could ask them. Their honey is wonderful. It's a staple at our house.

        2. They had a few at Kalustyans the last time I was in there so it could be worth a look (though the one I got was disappointing).

          1. Thank you all for the suggestions. I ended up stopping by Blue Ribbon and picked up a bottle of Golden Reserve honey. All this talk of honey has given me a craving for blue cheese and honeycomb. May have to swing by the farmer's market on Saturday to see if they have it.

            1. I recently noticed a little food boutique shop in the concourse at Grand Central, just outside the entrance to the food market near the Zaro's stand. They had some interesting honeys for sale. I only looked at the window displays so I'm not sure what they offer.